Moleskine Passions Journal Review and Giveaway

Last week Sylvie, the author, photographer and food lover behind Gourmande in the Kitchen, posted about an exciting Moleskine Passions Journals giveaway and a generous review of the whole collection, on her blog The giveaway will run until the end of... Read More


Summer is here. Anyone Travelling?

Are you in the process of packing your luggages and travel for vacations? There’s nothing better than a notebook as a companion to store everything you see and experience during that time. And as you know Moleskine, caring about the... Read More


The Hand Written Letter Project

We often talked about handwriting in the past and since we consider it more than just a way to communicate, we keep on exploring this involving field that not only can improve idea composition and expression but also aid fine... Read More


The color of things

Thanks to swissmiss we found out the website: The Color of. As described on the website: this is a system created to find out the colour of anything, by querying and aggregating image data from Flickr. It is an attempt... Read More


The Basics of Visual Note-taking

Sketchnotes 101 is a series of posts made by Core 77 that helps you in learning how to sketch and take notes. It explores the application of visual thinking tools in the worlds of design and creative thinking. The recent... Read More


Moleskine Passions: The Travel Journal

After the Style,  Baby and Gardening journals another one comes to the Moleskine Passions collection. The Travel Journal is thought to explore the world far and wide without ever losing sight of being organized.  A part from notes you have... Read More


Moleskine Passions: The Style Journal

After the Baby and Gardening journals another one takes is place to the Moleskine Passions collection. The Style journal is to meant to filled with your fashion instinct, habits and preferences! Start experiencing the Style Journal by downloading the MSK... Read More


Moleskine Passions: The Gardening Journal!

The new Moleskine Passions continue with the Gardening Journal, that features a gardening-inspired cover and includes 202 adhesive labels for personalizing the journal. The journal helps to keep you updated with the information on leaf shapes, plant habitats, size and... Read More


Moleskine Passions: The Baby Journal!

Join us in welcome the first of the new Moleskine Passions collection: The Baby Journal! It has 6 sections to fill out especially for mom and baby (9 months of sweet expectation, bringing the baby home, feeding, care, birthdays, special... Read More