Here’s to “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”

Happy Fourth of JulyFrom © 2006 ABF View the First Annual Moleskinerie Exhibit.Discover and join our Moleskine communities on LiveJournal, MySpace,  Moleskinerie FLICKR, FACEBOOK and Meal Moles. Get out – have a life and write about it. We’ll see... Read More


In Memoriam

Day is done,gone the sun,From the hills,from the lake,From the skies.All is well,safely rest,God is nigh. Go to sleep,peaceful sleep.May the soldieror sailor,God keep.On the landor the deep,Safe in sleep. Love, good night,Must thou go,When the day,And the nightNeed thee... Read More


Moleskine Icons by Patrick Ng

Patrick Ng’s Moleskine Icons are back:) The Moleskine icons for Mac was created in 2005 but since my service provider crashed the entire site, I have been unable to find a free and reliable hosting for the site and... Read More


Mail Call

From Rearden Metal:At the end of 2007 I entered a competition.  I didn’t expect to win anything, but lo and behold, near to Christmas a package arrived. From Tim Baynes: "I was delighted to receive may consignment of super-Moleskines They... Read More


Off to War

sgtret says: A very good friend of mine is about to leave for Iraq.People are giving him sox and sleeping aids. I have him a 3.5 X 5.5 Squared Notebook. I said, each day, writer a paragraph. It will help... Read More


Find Your Dreams

" Brainstorm your dream by quickly answering hypothetical questions and examining the pattern they reveal. Answer the following questions honestly and quickly with the first thing that comes to your mind. What would you do with your life if…  ... Read More


New Moleskine Volant coming in February!

"According to the Unilibro shop site new Moleskine Volant in different colors and size will be available in February. They’ll be soft covered and available in 3 size (a new extra small size, pocket size, large site) in black, blue,... Read More


A Child’s Christmas in Wales

"Fire!" cried Mrs. Prothero, and she beat the dinner-gong.      And we ran down the garden, with the snowballs in our arms, toward the house; and smoke, indeed, was pouring out of the dining-room, and the gong was bombilating,... Read More