Sightings and screen shots

Screen grabs from our friend Johnny of recent Moleskine sightings. There Will Be Blood There Will Be Blood is a 2007 film directed, written and produced by Paul Thomas Anderson. The film is loosely based on the Upton Sinclair novel... Read More


Moleskine Montage

Urbane, urban and hip. Moleskine images by photographer Pauline D. Gayatri. "Etudiante en communication. Parisienne depuis peu. Photographie depuis 2 ans avec le Sony Alpha 100. J’aime les portraits, la publicité, le symbolisme et le conceptuel" Visit her FLICKR photostream... Read More


Foraging Nehalem Valley

In the last weeks of a long Oregon winter, everybody must be imagining last year’s summertime.  I am remembering fondly a particular day.  It was the end of that long Oregon summer, when the evenings just dabbled with early darkness.... Read More


FOTOFusion 2007

The Palm Beach Photographic Centre is a non-profit visual arts organization dedicated to the enrichment of life through exhibitions, community programs, photography and digital workshops and other educational activities that promote the arts of photography and digital imaging. With the... Read More


Umpqua Dunes Genesis

New, wondrous images from our friend, Erik Gauger. Oregon Testament Book IIINotes from the Road LINK © 2006 EG All Rights... Read More


The Streets of New York

The streets of New York — with their clamor, hustle and snap — are captured in an exhibition of photographs in Washington, D.C. At the National Gallery of Art, black-and-white pictures by Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Helen Levitt and others,... Read More


Twisted Tuxedo

"Twisted Tuxedo" By djzealot @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR© All rights reserved. Used with permission……………………………………………………..– Muji : useful + agreeable– Fetal Calligraphy Brush– 1939 New York World’s Fair Miniature NotebookToday on... Read More


The Joy of Shooting with a Toy

A toy camera that is. I had seen many images made with it before I had even realized that they were all made with the same type of camera. About eleven years ago I worked at a camera rental facility... Read More

The camera shoots 120 format film, the same film that professionals use when shooting their $2000 Hasselblads. Once
the film is loaded the camera must be taped up so that light will not
leak and expose the film and so that the back of the camera will not
fall off while you are shooting.

The makers describe the lens as
optical, but upon shooting you first roll of film you will realize that
the lens is not color corrected, has flat spots and distorts

Care must be take as to not expose the camera to
high temperature, Holgas have been known to melt in the back seats of
cars. Not a tragedy though, a new on can be had for a mere $14.99.The
camera is primitive and its components are just substantial enough to
make an image this making the next evolutional link of the camera just
one primordial step above a pinhole camera.

Despite all of the pitfalls of the Holga it is the images that the camera is able to create that makes the camera so special.The
images seem distant and surreal. The have a warmth and a depth to them
that other cameras just seem to lack with their cold technological

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