AFK*: “Chicago Botanic Garden”

Pretty Prairie. Purple Cone Flowers – a native Illinois specie. All together now…"I’d like to teach the world to sing…" Call me paranoid but I had the distinct feeling I was being watched. Whitespire Birch trees at the Chicago Botanic... Read More


Happy Fourth of July

Here’s to "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". Happy Fourth of JulyFrom © 2006... Read More


Henceforth it shall be known as…”The Egg.”

A sea gull sits atop the "Cloud Gate", a  gleaming 66-foot-long, 33-foot-high stainless steel sculpture by Anish Kapoor, nicknamed "The Bean" at Chicago’s Millennium Park. Image: ABF/FLICKR © 2006 All Rights Reserved Update: For those unfamiliar with "The Bean", here’s... Read More


Write Place: The Maldives

"Propelling under iridescence of the influential weather." One of the rare instances when I loved the title almost as much as the picture.Ahhh…now everything is illuminated. View Ahmed Zahid’s stunning photographs at FLICKR.© All rights... Read More


Chema Madoz

Spain-based, Chema Madoz is one the best-known art photographers in the country.   Born in 1958, Chema Madoz studied Art History at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and photography at the Centro de Enseñanza de la Imagen, also in Madrid.... Read More


Featured Artist: Sandy Shum

I wish to provide a moment to pause and reflect on the wonder and grace inthe dreamlight of daily life. I work with Polaroids, moving the emulsion around while it is still soft,giving the photographs movement, texture and dimension, like... Read More


End of the Journey

Heart-breaking, awe-inspiring images by Edward Burtynsky of salvaged ships in Chittagong, Bagladesh. Shipbreaking. LINK [Thanks... Read More


AFK*: “Through Colors”

I was at the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows in Chicago’s Navy Pier recently and took these photos:  "Through Colors" Images from the Smith Museum of Stained Glass WindowsNavy Pier, Chicago   View the FLICKR photo setMuseum linkPhotos: ©... Read More


TROOP 1500

"Girls Scouts behind bars? Be prepared for an unorthodox and transforming story that follows the girls of Austin Texas Troop 1500. Well-versed in the "Be Prepared" mantra of the Girl Scouts, spunky troop leader Julia Cuba guides her girl scouts... Read More



J.C. sent this link from Vienna. "La Star" "Le réparateur" "Hautes Coutures is the work of a collector. A collector of images. Patchworks of images foundhere and there over the years.   In short, a photographic rhapsody.   Every picture... Read More