My Moleskine: Wolf Kettler

"I only just realised that keeping notes on paper is much like making photographs on film: It slows one down and makes the process deliberate and therefore meaningful. I want to be slowed down, I want to be made to... Read More


Lightbox Compositions

"Since I wanted to create an abstract image of the Moleskine notebook, I set the focus very close to the notebook (pocket, squared pages) so that the image would turn into a blur, locked the exposure on its black surface... Read More


Moleskine Fan Video

Presenting the first Moleskine fan video I’ve seen: "I don’t know if you’ve ever featured a video about Moleskine but I would like to submit the following video to share with others. Late 2004 I played the part of a... Read More


Born Into Brothels

"Winner of the 2005 Academy Award for Best Documentary Film, BORN INTO BROTHELS, was produced and directed by New York based filmmakers Ross Kauffman and Zana Briski. Zana Briski, a New York based photographer, gives each of these youngsters a... Read More


AFK*: Chicago Botanic Garden

"Please stay on path. Thank you." Images: ABF*AFK: Away From Keyboard As part of our 2nd Anniversary celebrations (1.12.06 ) Moleskinerie is launching "Moleskine Notes", a series of essays by Moleskine users around the world starting next month. To be... Read More


AFK*: Space Shuttle

Images: ABF © 2005 All Rights Reserved. *Away From Keyboard An acronym used in online chat, e-mail, and newsgroup postings. Also the name for this section of photos from weekend trips, meetups, safaris and other pixel moments from friends of... Read More


To make a prairie

" To make a prairie, Emily Dickinson said, it takes a clover and a bee…or a teasel and a butterfly, I say. One teasel, and a butterfly, and revery. And revery alone will do if butterflies are few…" Lorianne DiSabatoHoarded... Read More


The Boston Transit Collection

Paul Rowell, AmericanHarvard Sq., September 26, 1910Negative, gelatin dry plate (glass)20.32 cm x 25.1 cm, imageFogg Art Museum, On deposit from the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Gift of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, 5.2002.143© 2005 President and Fellows... Read More


AFK*: At the Town Fair

"Caloric Colors" "Master of Gravity" "Watts Tower" A town fair somewhere in middle America.© 2005 ABF   For updates and donations, visit the WMP page.View the scans at " Journey", the WMP Gallery hosted by  Joachim du Beleg. Merci!…Birthday greetings... Read More


100 Photographs that Changed the World

"Words. Ever since chisel was taken to slate, it has been accepted that words can and do change the world. Whether it be the Torah, the New Testament or the Koran, the Magna Carta or the Declaration of Independence, J’Accuse,... Read More