Mention : Gear Patrol

Erase all doubts, Moleskine is now a must-have for the ever-evolving man, as recently mentioned on Gear Patrol, a website that caters to the needs of the specie. "The thought of keeping a journal that contains my actual writings, done... Read More


The Dark Ages: in celebration of the little black book

Time Online’s Kate Muir attends an event on a cold, winter night in London and leaves with an observation that includes our favorite little black book. "He opens his mouth. With one accord, the audience takes out its black Moleskine... Read More


Cultural Fetish Objects Observed: Moleskine Notebooks

Caroline Stanley discusses the Moleskine phenomenon at the brand-new flavorwire, the cultural news and critique blog of flavorpill. "Today’s rank-and-file Moleskine owners might disagree. In 2005 Americans bought roughly 2.25 million of the notebooks, and the numbers have had nowhere... Read More


Picasso sketchbooks found at Zurich airport

Via Notebookstories, this intriguing news: A sketchbook containing 14 original Picasso drawings has been found in a spot check by customs officers at Zurich airport. The Federal Culture Office said on Wednesday that the total market value of the sketches,... Read More


Moleskine City: In Paris looking for Chocolate & Zucchini

Claudia Tani interviews Moleskinerie friend Clotilde Dusoulier, the 29-year-old Parisienne behind the award-winning food blog Chocolate & Zucchini. Here’s a snip: "Which is, in your opinion, the inner taste of Paris? It is, I think, a unique blend of old... Read More


Moleskine notes in Oregonian

Photographer Erik Gauger was featured on Saturday’s Travel section. He describes firsthand travel experiences and the lessons they teach. "More than a few times today, I have asked myself why. Why am I still travel blogging 10 years after... Read More


Moleskine sighting in Australian Vogue

Shirley Braley sent us this clipping from Vogue Australia: "Of all places to see this, Australian Vogue ( is pushing Moleskine notebooks as one of the "must-have" work accessories, along with Louis Vuitton handbags, Cartier pens, and Bulgari jewelry.Who... Read More


Mountain out of a mole(skine) hill

Our friend Chet Chin in Malaysia sent this link from their Sunday morning paper:"…would Malaysians pay top dollar for an empty notebook? “I had no hesitation in getting it — even if some people say that it’s too pricey for... Read More


Notebook art makes waves

More Moleskine press from the Far East Southeast Asia, this time from one of the Philippines’ largest dailies: "The next time you find yourself doodling in class, don’t stop. Your notebook art might take you far. Just ask 25-year-old Anna... Read More


Moleskine City Notebook on Fast Company

Kate Rockwood reviews several travel "re-imagined" guide books, including our favorite. Here’s a snip: Like everything Moleskine, City Notebook ($17.95) is exactly what you make of it. Those who like to document as much as discover will delight in its... Read More