Launch of Glass House Moleskine® Sketchbook

Saturday’s event at the Four Seasons was a huge success! Saturday’s event at the Four Seasons celebrated the launch of the Glass House Moleskine® Sketchbook which was inspired by the Glass House site’s unique power of place, its role as... Read More


The Glass House Moleskine® Sketchbook

The mission of the Philip Johnson Glass House is to focus on being a center point for modern preservation and also to inspire new ideas and talent in architecture, design, and art.  In this spirit, the Glass House has launched... Read More


The Modofly Artists Collaborative

From our friend Ana Maria Seaton:    I am working with a fabulous company called Modofly [ ] who has gathered a collaborative collective of over 25 artists, myself included, to produce a new line of uniquely artful Moleskines.... Read More


Update: The Undiscovered Letter

On April 3, 2008, the Art Directors Club hosted a diverse crowd of 400 at the ADC Gallery for its Disclosure event. A launch party for ADC Young Guns 6 as well as an exhibition of finalist work for The... Read More


DETOUR Paris : Submit your notebook!

This itinerant group exhibition displays the Moleskine notebooks designed by over 30 artists, writers, designers and illustrators of international acclaim. After the successful experiences in London and New York, the exhibition will land at the Printemps Design boutique in the... Read More


The Undiscovered Letter

Disclosure will feature an exhibit of this elusive, not-yet letter as it has been conceived by the 27 finalists, from initial notebook sketches and scribbles to completed designs. An international panel of judges will further select personal favorites from among... Read More


Call for Artists

From the "Unicorn" Moleskine people: Hey there artists! We had an amazing round last month with our super cool laser etched moleskines. Now its your turn! We are going to be doing a second and third generation of books in... Read More


New York celebrates Moleskine

A gallery of photos from the Detour/MoleskineCity Exhibit in New York View the photos at La Republica. [Grazie Silvia!] Greetings to our friends in Banksmeadow, NSW, Ribeiro Das Neves, Wilmington, DE., Amersfoort, Bangkok, Malaga, Ponsonby Bridge, Braeside, Tianjin, Cairo, Warsaw,... Read More