Hot Ticket: Cibelle

Reader Bella writes: "who would have thought the rustle of a notebook was sexy…?" "When singers don’t live in their country of origin, there’s a temptation to assume that they couldn’t hack it at home.     But Brazilian electro diva... Read More


Sightings: Big Girls Don’t Cry”

I think I’ve spotted a Moleskine in a music video.  The music video is "Big Girls Don’t Cry" by Fergie. you can see it on YouTube here. [Thanks to Angela in Canada]Other recent sighting:"Criminal Minds" via surfbits Discover and join... Read More


Rated M for Moleskine

Colleen Werthmann rates the 2006 Pulitzer Prize winners in her own quirky, notebook-ey way: CRITICISMJonathan Gold of the LA Weekly "We love mischievous teapot-toting Bedouin food critics, but we love them even MORE when they sport a jaunty Dodgers cap!... Read More


Moleskine Blogs the Little Black Book

"We felt that it was important for our brand to connect with the blog world," says Fabio Rosciglione, vice-president of marketing and sales, via phone from the Milan-based office of Modo&Modo, itself owned by SG Capital, which bought it for... Read More


Pen and paper trump tech

"Silicon Valley forecaster Paul Saffo has been tracking electronic bill-paying since 1985. He’s advised some of the world’s largest banks and financial centers on e-banking. But the man who is the ultimate "early adopter," who tests out virtually every new... Read More


Mandy Moore and her Moleskine

"She cowrote every song on the album—and not in the sense that she showed up in a studio, changed an "ooh" to an "ahh" on some producer’s verse, then slapped her name on it. "It was 50/50 or more on... Read More


DETOUR: The Moleskine City Notebook Experience in NEW YORK

To launch its new U.S. City Notebooks, Moleskine has given 70 blank books to some of the world’s most creative artists, architects, film directors, graphic designers, illustrators, and writers connected to New York to fill up with their daily journeys... Read More


Plagiarize This!

Original: Moleskine, Milan, Italy Copy: Ars Nova, Großhandel für Künstlermaterialien, Witten, Germany The original Moleskine notebook is said to have been used by legendary artists and writers such as Matisse, Picasso, and Hemingway. The plagiarist had no qualms in saying... Read More


Top Tools for Creative (and Working) Writers

“Reporters’ notepads are necessary but obvious. The classic upgrade is the Moleskine, an infamous exercise in clever marketing. The ad copy is ghastly and pretentious, and so are we when we buy them, but they are the best money can... Read More


Paper: the frontier for the digital renegade

"Over the Christmas holidays, I put down some cash and bought a new personal data assistant. The geeks among us call that a PDA – the fancy acronym given to things like a Blackberry or a Palm Pilot. My new... Read More