Not everything is better with a BlackBerry

Who would have thought? In this era of PDFs, email attachments and instant messaging, it looks like plain old paper is making a comeback. Stationery stores report double-digit increases in the sales of writing journals and paper planners., a... Read More


My Favorie Moleskine Exhibit: Singapore

These photos are taken with my Treo at the "My Favourite Moleskine" exhibition in Singapore. Gremlink @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR© All rights reserved Also visit Moleskine Asia————————————————————- – Two-Sided Journal            – Starting a new journal          –... Read More


Moleskine on Вещь

We received a request from Вещь /“Vesch” (“Thing”) magazine in Kiev a while back. I received a copy of the magazine in the mail yesterday. Вещь Homepage[Dyakooyu... Read More


Premiere Magazine + Moleskine

Guillermo del Toro been keeping a notebook of doodles, ideas, drawings, and plot bits for just about 20 years and it’s provided inspiration for all of his films, from Cronos and Mimic to Blade II and Hellboy, and now for... Read More


Paul Keoghan won’t leave home without it

Phil Keoghan of Amazing Race was a guest on today’s Rachael Ray showShe asked him about the things he always takes on trips. #1: Passport & #2 Moleskine diary! -Jane R.J. Related links:The Amazing RaceThe Rachel Ray... Read More


Radiohead use Moleskines?

Chris Gray sent us this link to the Radiohead’s blog. LINK (Click on 1st photo of the December 4 post)© 2006 Radiohead. All Rights... Read More


“The Cult of Moleskine”

“I think record taking and journalism encourages people to document their lives,” he says. “Now people are making scrapbooks, collecting various stuff and gluing it into their Moleskines, tickets and stuff. My basic motivation is to encourage people to document... Read More


Moleskine in The Upper Room Ad

I am a United Methodist Pastor and a compulsive Moleskine user.  Last  week as I was reading through a denominational publication I saw an advertisement for a daily devotional guide tied to our denomination. I’ve been reading the Upper Room... Read More