Moleskine celebrates Star Wars

                You were waiting for this since a long time. There were a lot of leaked pics in the past months…but…THAT time has finally come! Introducin the Moleskine Star Wars edition Available in... Read More


The Moleskine Cat Journal

If dogs are the men’s best friends, we think that cats are no different! They inspired and continue to inspire artists, worshiped in ancient cultures, and without any doubt considered one of the cutest things on the Web nowadays. Today... Read More


Moleskine Passions: The Style Journal

After the Baby and Gardening journals another one takes is place to the Moleskine Passions collection. The Style journal is to meant to filled with your fashion instinct, habits and preferences! Start experiencing the Style Journal by downloading the MSK... Read More


Celebrating “The Little Prince”

This is, for sure, one of the most amazing book that a child can read during his childhood. Moleskine pays tribute to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s magical and timeless story with a collection of limited edition notebooks.   And each notebook... Read More


Moleskine Passions: The Gardening Journal!

The new Moleskine Passions continue with the Gardening Journal, that features a gardening-inspired cover and includes 202 adhesive labels for personalizing the journal. The journal helps to keep you updated with the information on leaf shapes, plant habitats, size and... Read More


Moleskine Passions: The Baby Journal!

Join us in welcome the first of the new Moleskine Passions collection: The Baby Journal! It has 6 sections to fill out especially for mom and baby (9 months of sweet expectation, bringing the baby home, feeding, care, birthdays, special... Read More


Introducing the Cover Art Collection

The beautiful story of  the Cover Art Collection which involves the 3 authors (Paul Desmond, Benjamin Barrios, Maykel Nunes) of myMoleskine gallery doesn’t end with their new notebooks, but the story continues with 3 special downloadable Sleeves created for the... Read More


Moleskine Extra Small Planners

    A new stop motion video by Dutch visual artist Rogier Wieland illustrates the Extra Small Planners, the super portable organizing tools introduced by Moleskine for people who love small writing and miniature design Discover more here... Read More