New Moleskine Planners 2011

  Here the new  Planners/Dairies collection 2011, with a sneak peek at the new entries, two new endpoints in the collection dimensional range: the Extra Small, a super portable organizing tool for people who love miniature design and small writing,... Read More


Moleskine Pac-Man

  Finally the hungriest video-game hero of all time meets Moleskine! Moleskine celebrates Pac-Man 30th anniversary with a limited edition series featuring cover art and mini-stickers.The five-piece collection includes pocket and large hard cover notebooks, both plain and ruled, and... Read More


Moleskine celebrate Peanuts’ 60th anniversary

The beagle and the boy finally meet the notebook. As a fan, I'm really excited by this release. "1950-2010. Moleskine celebrates the 60th anniversary of one of the most influential comic strips of all time, which has accompanied three generations... Read More


“Engrave your Notebook”

  Engrave Your Book is based in Portland, Oregon that specializes in translating artwork and images onto our hand-crafted leather Moleskine® covers. They feature a range of notebook covers designed by artists OR you can send your own image. ... Read More


Moleskine A4 Papers

For those who have been clamoring for "loose leaf" Moleskine paper, here it is finally. Sort of. "Important documents and letters can now be printed on Moleskine® A4 papers, ivory color, with classic Moleskine rounded corners.  Print Paper is part... Read More


Testing the new Blackwing pencil

  Mark Frauenfelder got hold of the new Blackwing pencil and posted his review: "I like the OB for sentimental reasons. If the NB ends up looking almost exactly like the OB and costs under $2.00, I will buy it.... Read More


The Blackwing pencil comes back

The net is abuzz with the news that the venerable Blackwing pencils are about to make a comeback. In a post at BoingBoing, our friend Mark Frauenfelder quoted a letter from the California Cedar Products Company about their acquisition of the trademark. I share Mark's high... Read More