Web Find: “Skinecover”

A new blog focused on customized Moleskine covers. Dazzling, diverse artworks and craftmanship from all over. 'SkineCover looks in Moleskine modifications, maintenance, cover options. As an extension of Molecover, we are likely to squeeze in some additional product information….The Molecover... Read More


Fill out those brackets

  It's that time of year, when productivity goes down the drain as people in the U.S are glued to the TV and Internet to follow March Madness. It's a time where not only 65 teams have dreams of winning the title, but... Read More


“My Pilipinas” Moleskine

Jessica Zafra, one of the Philippines' best-selling authors tipped us off to a recent post in her blog: " As a Moleskine user I am shocked, Shocked at all the colors and variations on my beloved black carnet. First there were... Read More


The John Mayer Custom Moleskine Notebook

From John Mayer's blog: "We made a set of Plain Notebooks and a set of Ruled Notebooks based on Moleskine's Large Notebook series. Each cover is embossed with the Heartbreak logo and has a custom imprint on the flyleaf page.... Read More


Limited edition: The Tim Burton Moleskine

Moleskine has created a special limited edition Moleskine notebook to commemorate the MoMa retrospective of Tim Burns. "The MoMA retrospective honoring the art of acclaimed director Tim Burton explores the full range of his creative work, from early childhood artwork... Read More


Video: Moleskine Passions – Recipe Journal

The Moleskine Passions Recipe Journal. Part of the Passions range, this handy notebook can accommodate your cherished heirloom culinary secrets and most recent foodie finds. Conjure, compile, cook!! Learn... Read More


Pocket Clip Pencil

This one looks like it plays well with Moleskine: "…handmade in east London. Each white pencil has a clip carved into it, so that it can be attached to pockets, satchels and book covers …" @ P &... Read More


Hint*Hint* : Gift suggestions

  A plethora of whimsical Moleskine cahiers at Etsy. The choices are so varied, there's probably one for every taste. Check them out. Of course, this shouldn't keep you from making your own set. Many are using... Read More