Dreams of Space

"The visions we offer our children shape the future. It matters what those visions are. Often they become self-fulfilling prophecies. Dreams are maps" Carl Sagan, 1994 Cool retro space related books and magazines Dreams of... Read More


Sun Halo at Winter Solstice

“Sometimes it looks like the Sun is being viewed through a large lens. In the above case, however, there are actually millions of lenses: ice crystals. As water freezes in the upper atmosphere, small, flat, six-sided, ice crystals might be... Read More


Linus Pauling

" As with many scientists, Linus Pauling utilized bound notebooks to keep track of the details of his research as it unfolded. A testament to the remarkable length and diversity of Dr. Pauling’s career, the Pauling Papers holdings include forty-six... Read More


A Peek at the Moon

LTO-63C3Peek Lunar Topographic Orthophotomap (LTO) Series Publisher: Defense Mapping Agency Scale: 1: 250,000 Projection: Transverse Mercator Lunar and Planetary Institute … "the regions have cute names (daguerre, hypatia, kant, very, da vinci, fahrenheit, gutenberg, etc)."... Read More


Aurora Borealis

Where to look: Start by looking toward the northern horizon. 90% of auroral displays start there. From the northern horizon, a full blown northern lights display can expand overhead or even into a portion of the southern sky. There can... Read More


Lunar Eclipse Tonight!

“The best astronomical events usually seem to happen at the worst times and places — at 3 a.m. low above your most obstructed horizon, or maybe only in East Antarctica. But not this time, not for observers anywhere in the... Read More



Artwork by Bill Rebsamen “In the jungles of central Africa countries of Congo, Cameroon, and Gabon are reports of animal an animal with a long neck, a long tail, and rounded shape tracks with three claws. The closest known animal... Read More


Eye of the Storm

“On a sunny morning in 1991, at a home site on Sullivans Island, South Carolina, George Paul, designer and builder of dome structures, anxiously watched an Airform inflating. Paul had watched many such inflations before – but never with this... Read More


Weather Forecasts

“April and May will be warmer than usual, with near- to above-normal rainfall. The summer will be hotter than normal, primarily due to an exceptionally hot August. Rainfall will be very close to normal, with the heaviest rains in July.... Read More


Dragon Skies

“Some of the world’s oldst stargazing tools, used by the royal astronomers of ancient China, are on display in Oakland, California; in their first appearance in the United States, at the Chabot Space and Science Center.” Dragon Skies The Astronomy... Read More