Snapshot: Marie Delafon

Name Marie Delafon Any website you wish to feature? Do you have a blog or place you post your work? I am a french artist based in Paris. I had a website I closed, and redirected to my blog Read More


Snapshot: Rowland Jones

Name Rowland Jones Website: RAM Unsure whether he is retired, semi-retired or simply out of work, Rowland sings his ‘contaminated blues’, writes, takes photos, sketches & scribbles in his ever-present Moleskine – No. 38 currently. He lives in Italy with... Read More


Snapshot: Andrea Martinez

Name Andrea Martinez (aka BigGayDragon) What is your current Moleskine notebook?  I currently use the pocket Moleskine sketchbook daily.  It is nearly full, and I have a pocket watercolor lined up to use next. How do you use your notebook?   I use the pocket... Read More


Snapshot: James Whatley

Name: James Whatley,  Social Media & Marketing guy working in the mobile world. Website: WhatleyDude What is your current Moleskine notebook? I’ve got a normal-sized lined book [with AMICUS MENTHAI written on the front – from my friends at Mint... Read More


Snapshot: Skyler Maroste

Name: Skyler A. Maroste Website: 1. What is your current Moleskine notebook? Pocket Moleskine & Black XL Professional Moleskine 2. How do you use your notebook? I use my Moleskine in numerous ways! My pocket Moleskine comes with me... Read More


Snapshot: Juan José Richards Echeverría

Today some of you asked us to more focus on words. Well, it seems that the snapshot protagonist of this week looks just guessed.  If you want to be featured in upcoming weeks, please email us! Name: Juan José Richards... Read More


Snapshot: Linda Willemszoon

Name: Linda Willemszoon 1. What is your current Moleskine notebook? Moleskine Cahier Journal – Plain, pocket edition, black 2. How do you use your notebook? For my Train journey diary Today (2005 – 2011), during each train journey I made... Read More


Snapshot: Ed Hall

Name: Ed Hall, editorial cartoonist and illustrator from Jacksonville, Florida Website: 1. What is your current Moleskine notebook? The Large Moleskine Sketchbook and the (really large) Moleskine A4 Sketchbook for longer studies and more in depth drawings. 2. How... Read More


Snapshot: Serena Wu

Name: Serena Wu Website: Serena Style and Flickr Collection 1. What is your current Moleskine notebook? large squared notebook (main one that I bring everywhere with me) + large sketchbook (which I keep at home) 2. How do you use... Read More


Snapshot: Nikesh Murali

Let’s start this new week like the one just ended…Giving room to you! Name: Nikesh Murali, Australia Website: 1.  What is your current Moleskine notebook? I am currently using a plain Moleskine Cahier. 2.  How do you use your... Read More