10 TV Shows That Writers Really Love

We would like to thank Larry Dignan for having shared this. Remember that our new email address is: moleskinerie@moleskine.com So, to anyone who would like to be featured here with a story (like we did in the past) or with... Read More


Sighting: “CSI: Miami”

Mary in Toronto sent us this shot of a notebook sighting:"Hi! I was watching CSI:Miami Episode 13 "And They're Offed" and saw what looks like a Moleskine in the ending scene of the show. I wasn't able to get a... Read More


Sighting: “House, M.D.”

Multiple sightings of a notebook at House, MD. "I think I might have spotted a Moleskine in last night’s episode of House, MD (Let Them Eat Cake) in the scene where Thirteen comes home to find Foreman reading what I... Read More


Sighting: Grey’s Anatomy

From Stephanie Wu, screen grabs from this past week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy (5×04 Brave New World): "Most of the shots kind of take it out of context, but they’re obviously reading from the moleskine in the third shot.  I... Read More


Sighting: House, M.D.

Brittany Spruill shared a recent sighting on House M.D., in the episode called "Alone," the first of season 4."I’m a bit of a House and Moleskine fanatic, so this is perfect mix! You can’t really notice it’s a Moleskine until... Read More


Sighting: “Los Simuladores”

An interesting sighting from Mexico by our friend Luis Castañeda: "I”ve been a fan of Moleskines since 2005, and surprisingly about two months ago I saw that Moleskines were used in a TV show called "Los Simuladores" (The Pretenders) in... Read More


Sightings: The All-For-Nots

It seems that our favorite notebook is along for the ride with the band Bebo as they crisscross the country in "The All For Nots". Screengrabs by our friend Leslie Russell. Thanks! About the show: " Come along on a... Read More


Sighting: Ugly Betty

Luke S. from Kansas sent us these screengrabs from the latest episode of "Ugly Betty" with what looks like our favorite black notebook. Related link: Ugly Betty Official... Read More