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Sighting: “NUMB3RS”

via Girl with a Pearl NUMB3RS on CBS………………………… "Another Moleskine movie sighting! I saw a preview screening of Will Farrell’s new movie, "Stranger Than Fiction." this past Thursday, and I believe Will’s character (he’s an IRS auditor) uses a moleskine … Continue reading

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Lost Sighting

Anyone else spot that? Moleskine on "Lost"Photo by Laserone @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR© 2006Image links 1 2Discussed here. Official Website: LOST/ ABC [First reported by Matthew Johnson]

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Sighting: Schweppes TVC

"While watching a Schweppes commercial I noticed a couple of, what seems to be, Moleskines on the bar counter." Here it is on YouTube. Christian "Mekkaniak" Eriksson

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Man Who Go On Big Train Have Big Idea

"Just thought I’d give you the heads up on this ad for Virgin Trains:Apparently the Apache dig the Moleskine too! ;-)" Cheers,Carina View the ad on Virgin Trains

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Sighting : Alexander the Great: Murder Unsolved

There is a repeat of a show on the Discovery Times Channel airing over the next few days that features a moleskine sketchbook throughout. The show is a documentary investigation about Alexander the Great’s death. An investigator from Scotland Yard … Continue reading

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Sighting : Studio 60

Got multiple calls/emails on this one: "I picked that up, too.  My wife and I were watching it last night, and I said, "I think that’s a Moleskine!"  A TiVo click back to rewind and my suspicions were confirmed by … Continue reading

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Peking to Paris

"ABC TV here in Australia is running a documentary series following a group of Australians  who are attempting to re-create the fabled Peking to Paris car race of 1906.  The thing of it is, they are trying to do so … Continue reading

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Sighting: “The Great British Menu”

"…here is a screen cap from the on-going competition…and yes..the notebooks are the indexed moleskine.." Bets Pudliner [Thanks!!] Show linkThe Great British Menu © 2006 BBC Discussed earlier

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Sighting: “The Great British Menu”

Moleskinerie pal B. Pudliner writes: "Just saw on BBC 2, on the contest for which Chef will cook for the Queen’s 80th birthday party, the judges were using the Moleskine Index/Info small book….I just saw a brief glimpse…but I’m sure … Continue reading

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Moleskine Reporter Featured In “Hustle”

"The Moleskine Pocket Reporter was featured in this week’s episode of "Hustle", a popular UK television show where a gang of grifters con unsuspecting wealthy low-lifes. In this week’s episode, the Hustle crew wanted to take down a sleezy editor … Continue reading

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