The Secret Notebook of Walter Mitty

"…there are a couple of times where you can see that it is floppy and bendy. Still, it plays a big part in the movie as his PDA…well you can see here he is listing things to bring home." Leslie... Read More


Sightings: “Meet the Barkers”

"Just wanted to tell you that there was a Moleskine in tonight’s episode of "Meet the Barkers" on MTV. Travis Barker’s wife, Shanna, is planning a 30th birthday party for Travis and the party planner she meets with writes down... Read More


Sightings: “Criminal Minds”

"Moleskines seem to be everywhere on television these days. Tonight CBS aired a rerun of Criminal Minds entitled "Plain Sight." In the opening few minutes there’s actress Lola Glaudini who plays Elle Greenway holding one of our favorite black books... Read More


Sightings : “Poltergeist: The Legacy”

"This morning while getting ready to run the car in for an oil change I flipped on a Tivoed episode of the 1997 series "Poltergeist: The Legacy." The episode, entitled "Transference," features the escape of a serial killer from a... Read More


Sightings : “NUMB3RS”

"I have been enjoying the Friday night show NUMB3ERS.  The episode that aired Dec. 9, 2005 was about a museum scientist/anthropologist who was murdered.  At the scene, the FBI found her notebook.  It was a Moleskine.  I was a bit... Read More


Sightings: Threshold

"the episode was "The Order," which aired on 10/21/05. Actor Rob Benedict, who plays  "astronautical engineer"  Lucas Pegg, the anxious nerdy member of the Threshold team, refers to his notes in a Moleskine while talking on his cell phone. I... Read More


Sightings: “The Poseidon Adventure”

" I was watching the remake of the Poseidon Adventure on NBC (Sunday at 8 pm) and the main character, an undercover agent for Homeland Security (Adam Baldwin) used a Moleskine along with a digital voice recorder to keep his... Read More


As seen on: Boston Legal

"In the latest episode of Boston Legal (aired on 10/18/2005, named "A whiff and a prayer"), the main character of the show (Alan Shore, played by James Spader) opens a notebook that looks exactly like a Pocket Moleskine. Eric @... Read More


Tonight on PBS

WAVE that shook the world.Experts reconstruct the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunamiin an effort to prepare for the next big one. NOVAAirs on PBS Tuesday, March... Read More


M on “Eleventh Hour”

"I spotted a Moleskine on yesterday’s episode of The Eleventh Hour, a Canadian show. A student is shown taking notes in it. Telltale sign: when the notebook was open, the elastic was shown hanging down the sameway it does on... Read More