Halfway Through 2015

We are officially halfway through 2015. Six months have passed, and we enter a special time of year. The bookmark is around the Summer Solstice, and a new season begins. The days are longest, and midsummer bonfires light up the northern nights. All... Read More


This Week on Moleskinerie

July 19 Sir Spamalot, UNUSUAL BUILDINGS & OTHER ROADSIDE STUFF, Stamp Cups, BBC News Online Photographer of the Year July 20 The Hunger Site, Lemonade, Jacob Pigott July 21 The Joy of Sake, *Formula for Invisible Ink*, Leafages, eBay Item... Read More


This Week on Moleskinerie

July 12 Purple cureflower, The Warriors of the Net Movie, Nicaraguan Murals, eBay Item # 3826483625 July 13 The Next Big Thing, Science Toys, Isamu Noguchi, “Are You Giving Me the Evil Eye?”, Danny Gregory’s New Book July 14 Tile... Read More


This Week on Moleskinerie

July 5 New Pilot G6, Ralph’s Manual of Style, Cow Parade 2004, Troy R. Pesola July 6 Stems, Stamping Bunyips, Light Writing, Recent Comments (not spam) July 7 Write Space, eBay Item #6910679488, The Green Hummer, Stephen Shelley July 8... Read More


This Week on Moleskinerie

June 14 Under the Sea, Magic Pictures , God Checker, Tricia’s Moleskine June 15 Making Molecules out of Toothpicks, Wild Things, Find Small Men, Doug Chang June 16 Generating an Artificial Language, Phoebe, Geometry in the Land of the Incas,... Read More


This Week on Moleskinerie

June 7 Climate, Weather and Aboriginal Culture, Echoing Whispers , Secretarial Signatures of Presidents of the United States, Pseudo-moleskine ? June 8 “Transit of Venus March”. A Touch of Death, I Scream, Miquelrius. Ciao Venere! June 9 Tinderbox, Blog to... Read More


This Week on Moleskinerie

May 31 Taps, Windmills to Whirligigs, Barbecue, Moleskines in TV/Movies Discovery Channel Australia/Granada Television June 1 Magic Sticks, Chopsticks, boygirlparty.com, Grishma (Summer) June 2 Wizardings, That was then, this is Ephemera Now, Kites, Moleskine R & D June 3 Nimbus,... Read More


This Week on Moleskinerie

May 24 Quetzal, Abracadabra, Coast to Coast Radio, Lost and found? Image: ©2002 FFB May 25 NiceCupOfTeaAndASitDown, David Graham, Marconi Station, Scream May 26 Dandelion, The Sorting Game, Picture-writing, The Bad Handwritor Index May 27 eBay Item number# 3724798705, Europe... Read More


This Week on Moleskinerie

May 17 Postal Notes, Naikan, Linden Orchid Prints 1885-1894, fOllyfOliO May 18 Stencil Revolution, brushtrokes, The Journals Lewis and Clark May 19 Balls of Strings, Earthquake Summary, Absinthe Minded , Tricia – By The Inch May 20 Decapoda Crustacea, The... Read More


This Week on Moleskinerie

Image: Cortina/Netherlands May 10 Insect Aerodynamics, The Silk Road, Big (Polyphemus) Moths, Silk Skines May 11 ‘Brundibar’: Children’s Chorus, With Compliments, Meatballs with Lingon chutney and vegetables, Recent comments May 12 My Mind is a Web Browser, Enrico Bosi, DIARY... Read More