The Books The World Wrote

Is it possible to have a book written by hundreds of authors? That is the question The Books The World Wrote project is working on now. The project has recently started with four Moleskine notebooks sent out around the world... Read More


Why keep a notebook?

Agata Mleczko is a travel blogger who has been around the world and was kind enough to share with us her 6 reasons for keeping a travel journal. The real journey is a serious matter. If you wish to experience... Read More


Notebooks for Antarctica

A hundred years after the first conquest of the South Pole, four young explorers are embarking on a new mission. Their goal is to reach the farthest point in Antarctica in only 60 days. Anna Wakefield, Claire Maritt, Alex Toseland... Read More


Discover the World, one notebook at a time

We bet you are bringing you notebook with you during your vacations.  And certainly you are bringing a camera with you too! As a faithful travelling companion, take pictures of your notebook in front of famous monuments, emblematic places and... Read More


Kevin Shannon: The World (bike) Tour

Biker Kevin Shannon left a note at our Facebook group about his project: "Moleskine are very kindly donating a selection of notebooks to use on my around the world cycling expedition to raise £1 Million for Combat Stress…" From his... Read More


Book: 500 places to see before they disappear

MoleskineCity blog has posted a review by Franca Mochi. "500 Places to see before they disappear" is the first Frommer  publishing's guidebook dedicated to passionate travellers who want to have the last chance to visit the most endangered tourist destinations... Read More


Moleskine in Kiev? Try Antresol

We’ve received a few queries from those traveling in Eastern Europe for the nearest Moleskine dealer. The Kyiv Post points us to a coffee shop in Kiev for those who need the notebook in Ukraine. All literature sold at Antresol... Read More


WebFind: Anna’s Japan Blog

Here’s a site we found to compliment that trip with your new Tokyo or Kyoto City Notebook. Anna’s blog is a travel blog with a focus on culture. "My site is new but has loads of content about Japan.  I... Read More


Fred Lynch in Viterbo, Italy

Fred Lynch (and his Moleskine) are back from Viterbo, Italy where he teaches a sketchbook class for the month of July. He’s recently posted his work from this July on the course’s blog. In the coming weeks, his students’ work... Read More


Travel through history

For the couch traveler in all of us: When Spain commissioned Ferdinand Magellan to find a westward route to the Spice Islands in 1519, the explorer commanded five ships and 240 men. Six years later, nearly every member of the... Read More