Bogotá and Buenos Aires

Another chapter in Tim Bayne’s seemingly endless travels around the world. This time he takes us to Colombia and Argentina. As I waited for colleague Melissa I re-read the email: "There are significant issues in traveling to Colombia. It is... Read More


Dave Gibson’s Notebook

The New Zealand Herald asked Elemeno P’s lead singer Dave Gibson how he travels: "What type of luggage do you carry?I’m not a branded luggage kind of guy but I have a big silver hard case spaceship-looking bag … with... Read More


Tm Baynes : Sao Paulo

COM OS PAULISTOS (For my friends here, especially M) January and 32 degrees of heat Everyone noticeably more tanned than me Energy and colour still the same in San Paulo Traffic still crazy People still friendly Now the place is... Read More


Minimalist sketching kit

Moleskinerie pal Katherine Tyrrell is back from her desert adventures and blogging about it: "Technically – this was what I worked out as the minimalist sketching kit to be carried in my ‘bumbag’ (which I think might be known as... Read More


Eyes of the West Indies

Erik Gauger is back from his most recent photographic foray with stunning images – and stories from the West Indies. "I am on a boat, tied to a dock in a bay on the tiny island of Great Guana Cay... Read More


Napoli on Moleskine

Since the eighties Galassia Gutenberg (an association) have been organized a national book-fair in Naples (Italy), to promote books, reading, learning and culture in general. It’s been some years that whithin this fair there’s an exhibit,  review called "In viaggio... Read More


PARIS – the grand scale

Dedicated to Dominique, my most favourite and the most chic ‘frog’ and Karen who put the whole trip together and got us a great table at the World Place It was Bronwen’s choice, we wanted a half term trip, she... Read More


Heart of the Silk Road

"For lust of knowing what should not be known, We take the golden road to Samarkand."                 James Elroy Flecker, Hassan, 1913.   "Well, we reached Samarkand without any Uzbek soms on hand, and a... Read More


Three-year Genghis Khan trek ends

An Australian man has completed a three-year journey from Mongolia to Hungary, following in the footsteps of the Mongolian leader Genghis Khan. When Tim Cope began his 10,000 km (6,200 mile) journey in June 2004 he expected it to take... Read More


Fall is here!

Autumn is my favorite time of year!  I find myselfcollecting bits of nature and rushing to capture it inmy Moleskine before the brilliant colors fade. LeighBeegirl211 View her works on FLICKRVisit her blog, "Mudglue" © All rights... Read More