Starved Rock Lodge

"Gas to get there 1.89/gal. Moleskine 15.00. Faber Castell Pen 2.50. An afternoon by the fire with nothing to do but sketch in your moleskine….priceless. " Pedalpower @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR© All rights reserved————————————————————- – Blank Page # 27    – My... Read More


Rallye Paris Tour Eiffel

Step out next Saturday (January 6th) and join thousands of hikers waiting to get walking in front of the Halle George Carpentier for the Rallye Paris Tour Eiffel. This event has been impeccably organised every year by the historic Godillot... Read More


MoleskineCity: MILAN

I really advise going to this ex. beautiful display of her paintings, lots of material from her life ,nice bookshop. Don’t miss it !till 14 january 07 Palazzo Reale – Milan MoleskineCity/MILAN …………………………………………………………….. –  The Notebooks of Ty Mawr    ... Read More


Savvy Travelers

"Tired of lugging around those clunky, fact-packed travel guides that practically scream, "Look at me! I’m a tourist"? For the discreet visitor who prefers to blend in, there’s a new breed of small, specialized and often offbeat urban guides designed... Read More


Jen Down Under

Jen Leo is back from her adventures down under: "I made it back safely to the U.S.. Qantas is a great airline. Even in coach class, I had my own TV screen, could select my own movie to watch, they... Read More


Dispatches from the Vanishing World

50 acres of tropical rainforest are said to be disappearing every minute. Millions of species of animals and plants around the world are going extinct at an ever-accelerating rate, many of them before they can even be identified or their... Read More


California Sojourn

Have Moleskine. Will travel. California Sojourn Photos by Josiah Keen on FLICKR Copyright © 2006 All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.————————————————————-–  Notebooks by Jesseca McCloskey –  Handwriting is on the wall   –  Il PAPIRO Today on Notebookism————————————————————— Discover and join... Read More


Guide France

"In preparation for my week in Paris, I’ve drawn maps of the area we will be staying in and added details from walks through the area. The writing is minuscule! I normally have a big bold hand, but this time... Read More


Hong Kong Moleskine Heaven

Our pal (and best-selling Filipino author) Jessica Zafra’s friend visited Hong Kong recently and shares this photo with us. Perhaps Patrick knows where this is in Kowloon. Now back to your dreams of a Moleskine distributor in the Philippines. LINK:... Read More


A bikeman packeth

"March is not the ideal month to bicycle from Portland, Ore., to San Francisco. Anyone living in and between those cities will tell you — even if you don’t ask. But even if the unsolicited advisers in every diner, restaurant,... Read More