Katherine Tyrrell’s California Sketches

"Ventura palm trees" "Leftovers from lunch" "On Thursday I decided to go to Carmel pr ‘Carmel-by-the Sea’. I’ve always been intrigued by it as a place, ever since I learned about it when Clint Eastwood was Mayor!" Katherine Tyrrell’sView "Travel... Read More


In the hinterlands of China

"We spent the first three weeks of the summer on the road. We blitzed through eight cities in 19 days starting with the traditional capital city of Beijing, then looping across central and western portions of China to plunge into... Read More


Moleskine and Cyclists

"Two people who really understand my journey gave me presents. Sophie, a fantastic artist who is also writing a book titled "My Husband and Fifty Camels" gave me a Moleskine diary to elevate me into the hallowed company of travel... Read More


Check In Line at Graz Flughafen

The terror scare in the UK just happened two days before and as a result, all new security precautions rippled everywhere down to Europe’s smaller airports. Some flight cancellations also had everyone scampering for new schedules and rebookings. I tried... Read More


Minimalist sketching kit

Moleskinerie pal Katherine Tyrrell is back from her desert adventures and blogging about it: "Technically – this was what I worked out as the minimalist sketching kit to be carried in my ‘bumbag’ (which I think might be known as... Read More


US Roadtrip Highlights

Our friend Clotilde Dusoulier at Chocolate and Zucchini is back in France and blogging about their recent cross country trip though the U.S. southwest. "Maxence and I are back from our roadtrip across the US — still a bit jetlagged,... Read More


Chasing the Lizard’s Tail

"On the surface, the book deals with a bicycle trip from Morocco the the Gambia, but that is just the background to a beautifully written account on the Sahara and its history. His ability to observe keenly and to gain... Read More


Sahara with Michael Palin

"Sahara is one of the most powerful and evocative names on the world map. As a child, the images I had of the Sahara were both frightening and intriguing – palm trees, camels, turbanned travellers reclining, whilst being poured sparkling... Read More


George Dunford’s New Scotland Blog

There’s Hieland cows, flings and maybe even the odd haggis chasing. All these and more in George Dunford’s New Scotland Blog. "Guidebooketeer George Dunford searches Scotland to find out what’s worn under the kilt, where to find the best pint... Read More


Ben Saunders in Greenland

"The process of getting text and photos from our little tent on the Greenland icecap to your computer screen involves a fair amount of technological jiggery-pokery and a healthy dose of crossed fingers, but the basic routine looks something like... Read More