Project: Turn a Moleskine into a travel journal

Notebooks conjure travel and adventure for many. More so when they are clad in these fancy cases by CÉLINE NAVARRO. It all begins thus: "Simply add double-sided tape on the front and back covers of your Moleskine journal…." LEARN HOW.... Read More


Project: Create a Doodle About a Day Without Technology

 Interesting project by GOOD Doodles: "A day without technology can certainly mean different things to different people. We'll leave that to you. Perhaps it's 24 hours without a phone or television. For the very adventurous it could be a day... Read More


Sketchbook 101

  Core Art Skills' Ben Mounsey on the humble sketchpad and how to make the most of it. The humble sketchbook is greatly underestimated as an integral part of a designers working practice, certainly with those using a predominantly digital... Read More


Gliders and sketchbooks

 Gliders at Portmoak, Scotlandwell. – Watercolour in a Watercolour Moleskine Inspired by a video of these graceful aircraft, Uncle Bob shares a scan from his Moleskine and memories of his visits to an airfield. I have always been fascinated by... Read More


ISO: Moleskine, passport wallet

  Ryan sent this query for that One Wallet To Hold Them All: "I'm very much not into clutter. I like simple things and I really like Moleskines. I'm searching for a passport wallet that will also hold a Moleskine... Read More


Snapshot: Amanda Hunt

  Every week in 2010 we will shine the light on a Moleskine user across the globe, this week's snapshot is on Amanda Hunt. If you want to be featured in upcoming weeks, please email us! Name: Amanda HuntAge: 35Current... Read More


Web Find: “style simple way”

STYLE SIMPLE WAY is just that, an uncomplicated ode to nice things by Melissa Madden. She recently mentioned Moleskine cahiers: "I gave some to a friend last year as a Christmas present, a girl who recently confessed that she didn't... Read More


Web Find: Art of Backpacking

Nice find on the Internets, the Art of Backpacking. Chockful of helpful advise from a couple of globetrotters. From their "About" page:  Who is Art of Backpacking? What is the Art of Backpacking? We’re Mike and Teresa and we developed... Read More


Look! A SHARPIE® Blog

:::James Earl Jones sound alike:: "In the beginning, man took paper and pen and put forth ideas and art. Then came Sharpie and the world exploded with a measure of color and vibrancy never seen before. Now, the Sharpie story... Read More