Moleskine a Day

"Keeps the blank mind away," the tagline says. A random compilation of works on Moleskine notebooks found online. We’ve seen most but there are always surprising new discoveries. The Dorothea Lange "Migrant Mother" collage by Bob AuBuchon is haunting. Go... Read More


Urban Sketchers

From the Moleskine City Blogs, a feature by Claudia Tani on Urban Sketchers and interview of Gabi Campanario: "Everyday around the world hundreds of people capture and portray metropolitan life. Their sketchbooks are filled with drawings of commuters on packed... Read More


Win a BMW Moleskine at CarConnection

The guys at are doing their holiday housecleaning and giving away free stuff they’ve stashed away from trade shows and such. Here’s one item worth joining the contest for: "Today’s giveaway is BMW-related. When we attended the 2009 BMW... Read More


Link Love: Koloist

Jeff and Lisa make their own photo albums, still others prefer the "proper" way – a real album. Heather Covault of Kolo wrote to tell us about their new blog called KOLOIST, They even linked M from there! Thanks and... Read More


NotCot on Notebooks and Pens

NotCot’s Jane Aw gets invited to a conference in L.A. and comes back with a grab bag of goodies – including our favorite: "….i was unpacking my bags from freshly getting back to LA ~ and realized being at a... Read More


IDEA: Designing Pop Up Book

Great article on making pop up books from the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators in Los Angeles: A POPUP STORYBOOK presents a unique set of challenges. As for any two-dimensional illustration, many different approaches may be taken. For... Read More


New works from David Navas

Graphic artist (and prolific Moleskine user) David Navas  has updated his blog. David Navas has created animation and motion graphics for television channels including MTV, Mun2 and The Locomotion Channel, shown his video projections at the Winter Music Conference, Art... Read More


‘ is now open

Benjamin Lee wrote to announce their new notebook art site: I would like to introduce our new site: is a website dedicated to Moleskine lovers and their art.  The site is an open-submission platform for artists to share... Read More


The Moleskine Exchange

A new collaborative site using Moleskine notebooks has opened: This blog will follow the adventure of a group of artists around the world, in a Japanese fold Moleskine sketchbook exchange. Each artist will set off with a small Japanese (accordian)... Read More


“Powered by Moleskine”

Kelly Amabile sent us this cool link: Thought you guys might like this for the blog, cool digital use of a Moleskine: tons of links to lots of creative things being done by James Bridle, who also runs Read More