Declutter Your Desk

If you’re looking to declutter your work setup, and create a minimalist surrounding area, read on. 1. Notebook and pen. I suggest that in a minimalist setup, the notebook and pen are the two most essential tools. You could use... Read More


A Tour of ProBlogger HQ

Blogging guru Darren Rowse takes us through his home office set up which includes a familiar notebook. “What does your blogging setup look like?” This is a question I get quite a lot – so today I want to invite... Read More


Moleskine Exhibition in Shinjuku

I went to Moleskine Exhibition in Book1st Shinjuku. The Exhibition includes excellent works from public applications to Moleskine Travel Notebook Competition. There are surprising great works in the site. I gained inspiration from his/her notebooks. The Exhibition is being held... Read More


Lifehacker Workspace Contest

Lifehacker is having a contest on the coolest workspaces. I’m partial to this one; with the Moleskine of course."I used environmentally sustainable products wherever possible. The paint is a low-VOC latex, the red oak (original to the room) floor sealant... Read More


GTD for People Living in Transition Countries

"Like mine, Romania. It’s an European country that recently made his entry into European Union, proving a strong desire to let go the communist past. It’s a marvelous country, one of the most beautiful I know. The only problem is... Read More


Ever wonder how Moleskine gets to a retailer near you? CZipLee in Malaysia has some photos: "There was a mysterious drop-off at CzipLee Books & Stationery Bangsar, this afternoon shortly after lunch. Four cartons labeled with the very familiar Cathay... Read More


Freebie: DIY Reading Diary

"Here, I made you something – call it a Xmas gift if you must. DIY Reading Diary – a free PDF download of an 8½"x11" sheet that has a 2 page spread. You will have to worry about the double... Read More


In Praise of Paper

"When I began writing scripts in the early 80s, ‘cut and paste’ meant a pair of scissors and Pritt stick BUT I had a secretary to type up my scrawl. Today I couldn’t work without my Powerbook and the Internet,... Read More


How To Evolve A Note Taking Methodology

From writer L.S. Russell: "Over the course of this year I have evolved a workable note taking methodology, and in the lifehacker spirit I would like to share what I’ve learned. My requirements for a note taking method were simple:... Read More


Moleskine Breakfast Routine

" My Moleskine is thus a thinking tool and way to keep my focus and advance my work (for pay and otherwise). It’s almost like a listener. If you’ve ever wished you had two of you, this is one way... Read More