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7 Reasons To Ditch Your PDA And Switch To Pen And Paper

From Organize It /UK, more reasons to switch to pen and paper: "It’s simpleWhat’s more simple than a basic biro pen and notepad from your local stationary store? A pencil perhaps? Really, this should be a no brainer. It’s portableOk, … Continue reading

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The World Disaster Map

One site to check before you and your Moleskine leave for that adventure. The Havaria World Disaster Map LINK Thanks JC, who is safe in Vienna;) Discover and join our Moleskine communities on LiveJournal, MySpace,  Moleskinerie FLICKR and Meal Moles. … Continue reading

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Notes Icons

By Pixelgraphics View on Moleskinerie/ FLICKRYou can find the Notizbuch Iconset at Manuela’s blog.

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Send an email to your future self

Create an e-mail to send to the future. Or use your notebook.

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Icon Sighting

" Notae is a full-featured and lightweight notebook with instant full-text searching and complete import and export functionality. It can even read your notes out to iTunes, and thus your iPod. It includes a Mac OS X Service to grab … Continue reading

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Flower maker

Yes, we are all afraid to ruin our notebooks on the first try. Here’s a solution: Flower Maker by Try your concept here before you commit it on paper. LINK

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Write Places: O2 Sustainability Treehouse

How would you like to do your journaling in one of these? "Designer Dustin Fieder took inspiration from the simple Japanese paper lantern, and from what we can tell from the photos, it glows just like one when illuminated at … Continue reading

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Moleskine (among other) Mac Icons

Check it out @ pixelpressiconsJoin the discussion at Moleskinerie/GoogleGroups here. [via Christopher J. Meisenzahl]

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Doane Paper

"I was in a product design meeting and 1/2 of the room was using legal pads, the other 1/2 was using grid paper. I combined the 2 paper designs and it turned out pretty cool…" Doane Paper LINK

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Remaindered Links

Vicki reminded (prompted/cued) us of this classic late last year. ThinkMap’s Visual Thesaurus LINK. Belated congratulations to Khoi Vinh, with whom we discussed this blog’s redesign last year. He is now Design Director for the New York Times. LINK.

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