Are Americans becoming second-class consumers?

“I keep noticing with dismay that many of the gadgets I consider for purchase are deliberately crippled in their US versions. It used to be only European consumers had to suffer from inflated prices and reduced functionality, usually self-inflicted due... Read More


Stuff: Location Earth Dog Tags

For the cosmic traveler: “Picture yourself lost in the galaxy…UFO sightings and Alien Abductions are on the rise…Will you return to tell the story? In case of alien abduction these dog tags may save your life. The crucial data an... Read More


Old Things Are New Again

“I looked through all of the unusual mods and came across a mantle clock mod. The clock was from the 20s or 30s and it got me thinking about the possibility of doing a typewriter mod. I pulled the picture... Read More


Mobile Computing

“We first removed the hood and seat part (they are detachable as part of the rickshaw’s design) as these were impractical for our use. This left us with a flat platform on the back of a sturdy three-wheeled machine. …Next... Read More


Weather Forecasts

“April and May will be warmer than usual, with near- to above-normal rainfall. The summer will be hotter than normal, primarily due to an exceptionally hot August. Rainfall will be very close to normal, with the heaviest rains in July.... Read More



“An inspirational list of creativity and innovation resources” Linky, Brainy goodness, yum.” sgt.serenity @ MeFi Creax. Idea overload, in a good... Read More


Radio Days

Last night while searching for a frequency guide for my trusty old Sony 2010 , I stumbled upon a virtual museum showcasing old QSLs. For those unfamiliar, these are cards or letters sent by shortwave stations to confirm a listener’s... Read More