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Rian Johnson’s Moleskine notebook with the Star Wars Episode VII Script

A few days ago, Star Wars director Rian Johnson posted a tweet about the script writing process of Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens. A fan asked Rian if the movie had been written in a Moleskine notebook, … Continue reading

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Moleskine X TED2015: Join the #IdeasNoted Conversation

Anticipated as the most provocative, invigorating, mind-shifting TED yet, the next TEDGlobal conference (planned for 16-20 March in Vancouver) really is one you should look forward to. For the first time, Moleskine will participate in a TED conference as a media … Continue reading

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International Mother Language Day 2015

International Mother Language Day is an observance held annually on 21 February worldwide to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity. Through its subtle nuances and distinctive sayings, each native language has the power to shape the thought process and … Continue reading

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Amazing Handwritten Social Media Posts from Handwriting Day

Last week, we celebrated National Handwriting Day by writing our social media posts by hand, and asking you to do the same. The web was happily flooded by hundreds of tweets and posts that reaffirmed our belief that the art … Continue reading

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6 Ways Handwriting Can Benefit Your Brain

  We are great fans of handwriting. Not only it is one of the most pleasurable activities we can think of – and that’s why we celebrated World Handwriting Day with a global call-to-create through pen and paper for the 3rd year in a … Continue reading

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Putting Pen to Paper for Handwriting Day

Happy Handwriting Day, everyone! Today, the world celebrates the pleasure and art of the handwritten word, one of the simplest and most personal ways of expression. Few things rival the pleasure of handwriting, especially in an age dominated by the QWERTY keyboards … Continue reading

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Follow “The Endless Story” at Melbourne Writers Festival 2014

“The Endless Story” is a collaborative novel, written by on Twitter by an endless ensemble of authors. It was initiated by this tweet by Australian writer Nick Earns, and you can write your own chapter on Twitter using the hashtag … Continue reading

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“Endless Story”, a Novel Written by Infinite Authors

Imagine a story written by an infinite number of writers. An endless ensemble of literary minds, inviting endless possibilities. For this year’s Melbourne Writers Festival, we are inviting you to participate in the “Endless Story” project, a collective novel written on … Continue reading

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What goes on in a writer’s mind?

It’s well known that for many writers a Moleskine notebook is an essential tool for capturing ideas and thoughts, which may go on to become novels, articles and important texts. Most readers don’t get to see this part of the … Continue reading

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Handwriting Day. For the Love of Pen and Paper

We love the act handwriting; the tools involved, the things it can create. The flick of the wrist and positioning of the hand to create a tactile projection of one’s ideas and passions. How one’s pen seduces the page of … Continue reading

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