What kind of planner are you?

These are a few examples of how someone like you have filled his own Moleskine planner or diary. It begins from large format planners for people who think in images and need plenty of space for drawing, coloring and pasting... Read More


Upload your creation for the Moscow Design Week

This is  a special call reserved to all the Russian Moleskine passionate out there. We are about to land to the Moscow Design Week in the middle of October and we want you to have some pleasant surprises coming from... Read More


Is handwriting still alive? Discover Écriture Infinie

Do you remember that sometime ago we asked you to carefully follow us about handwriting? That is the time. We are pleased to announce you that the Écriture Infinie project has landed. And it’s amazingly beautiful! Écriture Infinie / Infinite... Read More


Six Word Story Every Day

Today we discovered this interesting project. It is called Six Word Story Every Day. It is daily storytelling exploration through language and typography. Taking a cue from Ernest Hemingway, who, according to literary legend, was once challenged to write a... Read More


The Brand Namer

Have you ever came up with something in your life that needed a name? A dog, a cat, an online avatar,  a website, the name of your company… Pretty hard, huh? Hours spent leafing pages of books or dictionary trying... Read More


NPR’s Journal/Diary Project

  Anthony Stevens tipped us off to this NPR project of interest: As part of the Hidden World of Girls project, NPR is collecting intimate diary entries. With enough of them, they could form a comprehensive tapestry — from elation... Read More


The Problem With Keeping Recipes a “Secret”

 "I am very much against the notion that recipes should be kept secret, or locked away.  I think it’s the absolute antithesis to the nature of loving food and of cooking.  And I should know, my grandfather is a baker... Read More


Doug Gievett’s Writing Tips, the Moleskine Method

Useful tips from Doug Gievett on using Moleskine for organizing your writing chores at his blog. "It’s easy to think that the rough draft of something I’m writing has to be prepared at my desk, at a pre-established time, with... Read More


Evan Wilson: The history behind Word In The Search

Evan Wilson invited us to his blog where he has posted an article about how he used a Moleskine notebook to capture and organize creativity. "Everyone is creative. People don’t tend to organize and focus that abstract creativity. Always have... Read More


Seven pieces of advice about notebooks

Perry Middlemiss wrote to tell us about this post by Margo Lanagan, a major writer for Young Adults in Australia. Her latest novel (TENDER MORSELS) was named an Honor Book in the 2009 Michael L. Printz Award. "Starting off a... Read More