Moleskine Author A Month March – atmosfrozen

It’s been a tight race, but here we are with Moleskine March Author A Month, atmosfrozen. This young man’s talent is as bright as his sense of humor, and if you’re the type of person who struggles finishing artworks, keep on reading – atmosfrozen’s experience might just come in handy…

Tell us a little about yourself.

First of all, I started drawing about a year ago.

After getting my Architecture degree last year, I realized “real world” architecture had way too many limitations, too many boundaries for me. So I decided to get into the videogame-entertainment industry, and I will start studying in this business next year. Hopefully I will be able to let my ideas flow more freely in this field.

Do you remember your first experience with Moleskine?

I remember getting my first Moleskine Sketchbook from a friend. The sketchbook looked very pretty, to the point where I was afraid to even begin sketching in it! It was my first time drawing on a small sketchbook too, and it’s been great ever since.

What is the idea behind “Double Exposure Suburb”?

The village was a perspective training for school. I love doodling architecture, first I put masses randomly and then begin detailing it.

The girl in the image is just another doodle too, maybe inspired from the girl I like (ahem).

How do the two merge together? I am the type of person who cant finish a drawing at once, so I hop to another drawing and finish them together.

 A quote for inspiration you would like to share with everyone?

Do the thing you love, love the thing you do. A simple quote.

Stay tuned for a downloadable template sleeve and bookmark template of “Double Exposure Suburb”. While we thank atmosfrozen for his work, keep in mind that the next Author A Month could be you. So keep up the good work, and keep sharing your art with us on myMoleskine.

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Digital – Analog, made seamless: Moleskine Evernote Business Notebook

If you are a professional, you’re probably used to balancing digital and analog everyday on the workplace. Which means, you’re probably going to love the news just reported on the Moleskine website: the brand new Moleskine Evernote Business Notebook is here.

the Moleskine Evernote business notebook

This latest addition to the Moleskine Evernote Collection is especially designed for professionals, but is probably going to excite everybody from productivity enthusiasts and paper-lovers alike.

Let’s take a look at what it does, shall we?

The first new feature of the Evernote Business Notebook is that each page is divided in 2 sections – private and public. Once you save the page on your device, the app will allow you to save and share public and private notes separately… Enabling you to share the highlights of a meeting with your team, while keeping personal notes for yourself. Just like this:

the Moleskine Evernote business notebook

Another new feature is the tick box at the top of the page. Check it, snap a picture of your notes, and a reminder will automatically be set on your Evernote app. Simple as that.

The analog – digital gap gets smaller than ever after you’ve tried the new business card sharing feature. Place a business card against the cover of the Evernote Business Notebook for contrast, snap a picture and Evernote automatically saves the contacts with information from LinkedIn. If you just made a new connection, you can also share your details in return.

If you are juggling various meetings and tasks at once, no need to use three pages at once. Just reach into the back pocket of the Business Notebook – you will find Smart Stickers to let you tag specific page elements to designated notebooks on your app.

The Moleskine Evernote Nusiness notebook comes with 3 months of Evernote Premium.

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Not-Books templates, for unique Moleskine page layouts

How many people do you know, whose handwriting matches yours perfectly? Probably none. Handwriting is among the most personal traits in each of us, as unique as finger prints. So why only choose between a few kinds of different page layouts when there are so many kinds of handwriting out there?

This is what inspired the good folks at A/R Studio in designing Not-Books, a series of specially-ruled notebooks conceived to respect the different connotations of individual’s handwriting: “A notebook of one’s own”, “Stream of consciousness”, “Convergent vs Divergent Thinking”, “Carta Millimetrata”.

“Stream of Consciousness”

Convergent vs Divergent Thinking

Pure Reason

Moleskine reached out to A/R to have their special layouts available in myMoleskine Template format, which you can download here and make your notebook truly one-of-a-kind. Just like your handwriting.

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Moleskine Author a Month – March Finalists

Here we are, right back at it again with another edition of an Author a Month.

The previous editions have featured the work of some truly remarkable artists, and this one is looking to be no less: just take a look at the finalists’ artwork.

Double Exposure Suburb“, submitted by atmosfrozen

“Underwater Indonesia”, submitted by Hanna Maresfin

“The Smoking Whale”, submitted by Leho de Sousa

Which one’s your favorite? To vote the best artwork, simply click here.

If you thing you have what it takes to be our next Author of the Month, Share in myMoleskine to be considered for next month’s finalists.


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A Creativity Challenge: Hot or Cold?

M_hotorcold Creativity Challenge

The contrast between warm and cool color inspires accomplished artists and amateurs alike. Just browsing through myMoleskine, we came across a host of great color-based artworks, many of them showcasing amazing mastery of the warm vs cool color scheme.

So this is how the idea for the new Moleskine #CreativityChallenge came along: Hot vs Cold.

But also, warm color vs cool color, day vs night, bright and vivid vs calm and soothing, and so forth: we’re asking you to contribute with the coolest or warmest colored page from your notebook, an artwork that best describes the mood evoked by warm or cool colors.

Simply submit your creations to myMoleskine with the tag #M_hotorcold to enter.

The winner will be chosen among the 3 most voted submissions, so get ready to spread the word! The winning prize is a brand new myCloud Reporter Bag shipped right to your door, with a special Moleskine treat in it.

Get your color palette ready, and let’s see you flood myMoleskine with a tide of color.

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my Analog Cloud, Moleskine’s new online game (yes, you read that right)

Our notebook definitely says something about ourselves.
Through whatever we sketch, jot, or doodle on paper we end up expressing a lot about what we are. However, our personal identity does not only radiate from the ideas scribbled on the pages. For instance, it can be seen through the things we carry with us on a daily basis.

This is how Moleskine’s latest idea came along.

Enter my Analog Cloud, Moleskine’s new online game.

my Analog Cloud game

The game takes the every-morning ritual of packing our bags and turns it into a way to express our identity, generating a personal profile based on the items we choose to take with us – and the Moleskine myCloud Bag we pick to carry them with.

It’s a playful way to tell everyone who we are, and the results are pretty dead on at times:

Playing is pretty easy:

  1. head to and choose your essential items
  2. pick two Moleskine items of your choice
  3. select your favorite Moleskine myCloud bag to carry your items
  4. generate your results.

The resulting profile can be shared to myMoleskine, on Twitter, or on Facebook.

Did you give it a go? Let us know if you tried it.

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Moleskine Author A Month January – Sadamu Asami

We are excited to introduce the newest fan selection for our Moleskine Author-a-Month, Japanese artist Sadamu Asami. A passionate contributor on myMoleskine, Sadamu is an instinctive talent with a penchant for the impromptu, showcasing masterful vision to reveal the beauty in the casual sights of his town. The secret to his style? His line drawing and a spontaneous approach, which reflects in his medium of choice.

How did you choose your notebook, and what kind of use do you make of it?

I draw my pictures in the same way as I would write in my journal. Everything surrounding me can serve as an inspiration for my work. The food I ate, the friends I met, my family, my dog… I get inspired on a daily basis.This is why I always carry my notebook with me. Any time is the right time to create, and I would never want to miss a moment of inspiration.

So notebooks match my life style perfectly.

Is there a setting where you do your best work, or feel the most creative in?
Not really. Everything around me is the creative canvas that gets me inspired for my work. So I do not have a particular place or time to optimize my creative energy.

Is there an inspirational quote you would like to share with everyone?
My mentor once told me: “Filling a drawn figure with colors is almost similar to makeup on bare skin”. Since then I always focused on the line drawing first and foremost. Then I open up and and share what I did with my friends, prior to the coloring process.

You can download the Sleeve and Bookmark you see above in the “Workshop” section in myMoleskine, and if you want to take a chance in next month’s edition, all you need is to submit your best work at myMoleskine. Good luck!

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Helping you stay productive, in innovative ways.

If Productivity was a sport in the 2014 Winter Olympics, you could say that we’ve just won the gold!

Moleskine has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Productivity by Fast Company. We have been bestowed this honor for our continued quest to seamlessly marry the analog and digital worlds through our platforms and with digital leaders like Evernote, FiftyThree, and Moleskine Photobooks. You can read the full story here.

While our notebooks have been at the core of our identity, these creative partnerships along with our apps and print on demand services have helped us connect with you, our fans, in new and innovative ways. With that said – we’d like for you to show us how you stay productive and manage your time in this week’s #CreativityChallenge!

What are some of the ways that you stay on top of your workload and keep your to-do list nice and trim? Show us how you stay organized with your notebook hacks, Getting Things Done systems or DIY codes and be in with the chance of winning a pack full of Moleskine tools.

Simply submit your photo to myMoleskine with the tag #M_productivity to enter. All done? Great, that’s another thing to tick off, we say you deserve that tea break.

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Author a Month is back! January Finalists

Thank you to everyone who shared with myMoleskine last month.
You can help decide who will be the selected one for January 2014 among the three most active on myMoleskine authors. View the artworks here:

Temazcal (Traditional Spa, Mexico) Contributed by Dane

Temazcal (Traditional Spa, Mexico) Contributed by Dane

Temazcal (Traditional Spa, Mexico) - Contributed by Dane

Neighboring town - Contributed by Sadamu Asami

Neighboring town - Contributed by Sadamu Asami

Neighboring town – Contributed by Sadamu Asami

Ciliwung River, Jakarta - Contributed by Yeekee Ku

Ciliwung River, Jakarta - Contributed by Yeekee Ku

Ciliwung River, Jakarta - Contributed by Yeekee Ku

Join in by voting for your favorite upload this month here.

Share in myMoleskine this month to be considered for next month’s finalists.

The winner of last Author a Month is Miren Laluna.

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Handwriting Day. For the Love of Pen and Paper

#mHDay - MalalaYousafzai

#mHDay - MalalaYousafzai

We love the act handwriting; the tools involved, the things it can create. The flick of the wrist and positioning of the hand to create a tactile projection of one’s ideas and passions. How one’s pen seduces the page of their notebook with every crossed T, dotted I, and leaning accent. We think that our fans would agree, when we say that it is one of the most personal and pleasurable actions of our daily lives.

#mHDay - Joe Gebbia

#mHDay - Joe Gebbia

On January 23rd we will celebrate Handwriting Day, a holiday solely dedicated to your very unique and individualistic script, for the second year. On that day, we ask you to free yourselves from the QWERTY keyboards and bridge the gap between your thoughts and social media updates using your pens and styluses. Share your handwritten musings on Twitter and Instagram using #mHDay and #HandwritingDay.

Friends of Moleskine, like Airbnb founder, Joe Gebbia, and Seth Combs, co-founder of Sol Republic have already submitted handwritten posts of their own:

To be in with a chance of winning a cornucopia of Moleskine tools, all you need to do is upload your handwritten status update to myMoleskine before February 4th as part of our Creativity Challenge. If it gets the most votes you could be sorted for all your writing and drawing needs for a little while!

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