Rian Johnson’s Moleskine notebook with the Star Wars Episode VII Script

A few days ago, Star Wars director Rian Johnson posted a tweet about the script writing process of Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens. A fan asked Rian if the movie had been written in a Moleskine notebook, and we thought we’d share the answer with you.


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Author of the Month April – Fede Tessa

Thank you to everybody who helped us choose our new Author of the Month. This one has been a tight race, but with all your votes in, we’re excited to finally announce our winner: Federico Tessa, all the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We reached out with Federico to learn more about him, and it didn’t take long to find out the secret behind his beautiful architectural sketches.


“I make a living as an architect in Buenos Aires, and plein air sketching is my passion.
My city has beautiful classical architecture, so I’ll take every opportunity to be outside, sketchbook in hand.”
Given his passion and professional background, Federico’s beautiful work on myMoleskine should come as no surprise.

An avid Moleskine user, Federico has a very deep toolbox: “For daily use, I draw on a Large-sized Moleskine Sketchbook, with extra fine nibs. For line work, I use Noodler’s waterproof black and brown ink and Lexington Gray for shadows and windows. If I’m out drawing on location, I’ll go with my A4 Watercolour Album by Moleskine, and finish my sketches with Winsor & Newton’s watercolours.

I can still remember the first time I opened a Moleskine Sketchbook, I was so nervous because I wanted my first sketch to be perfect”.


“I sketched the winning artwork, ‘Bencich Building’, from a 10th floor terrace on a nearby building. The view was breathtaking, and from there I could sketch four different domes, the last one being over 1000 meters away. That place was a dream”


We closed our interview with Fede a bit of advice for aspiring artists: Challenge yourself as much as you can. Draw uncomfortable subjects, locations, or situations. Leave your comfort zone, and it will push you forward”.

Just like every Author of the Month, we honored Fede’s work with custom Bookmark and Sleeve MSK templates made out of his winning artwork. They are free to download on the Templates page on myMoleskine.

Do you want to be our next Author of the Month, or simply have some Moleskine pages you’d love the whole Moleskine world to see? Just head on to myMoleskine, and submit your art.

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The Best Sports Notes You’ll See Today

When it comes to note-taking, there’s detailed and there’s Nick Barnes detailed.
We recently stumbled upon the amazing work of BBC Radio Newcastle’s Nick Barnes, author of some of the most unique match notes we’ve seen in a while.

Before each match, Barnes spends hours laying out meticulously-detailed match notes that resemble handwritten infographics. 

Listing player numbers, positions, goal scorers, and even going as far as including tiny flags depicting the origins of each player and handdrawn depictions of uniforms, Barnes’ are some of the best handwritten notes you’ll see today.

(via Fast Company)

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An Author a Month – April Finalists

Thanks to everybody who shared their art on myMoleskine last month.
We received heaps of great artworks from all over the world, and it really hasn’t been an easy task choosing the finalists for this edition of An Author a Month. If your artwork didn’t make the cut, keep submitting on myMoleskine to be considered for next month’s edition.

Without further ado, here we are with this month’s finalits.

Untitled - contributed by Lidia Barragan

Untitled – contributed by Lidia Barragan

Benchich Building - contributed by Fede Tessa

Benchich Building – contributed by Fede Tessa

Red House Winted - contributed by Adrian Lopez

Red House Winted – contributed by Adrian Lopez

Which one is your favorite?
Head on to our voting place, and hit the “Like” button to place your vote.

If you want to be considered for next month’s edition, or simply have some pages off your notebook you would like the whole Moleskine world to see, just go on to myMoleskine and submit your images!

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Moleskine X Star Wars Day 2015

For die-hard fans, every day is Star Wars day. If there’s a time where all the world joins in though, that time is now.

Starting May 4th (an easy pun off “May the 4th be with you”), Star Wars lovers and aficionados all around the world celebrate their fandom, and Moleskine is joining right in with a brand new Creativity Challenge dedicated to the saga.

Moleskine x Star Wars Day


The call-to-create is simple, yet not so easy: illustrate your favorite, most epic Star Wars quote, and upload it to myMoleskine. You can write, photograph, paint, draw as many Star Wars quotes as you wish, so long as you tag your images with #M_StarWarsDay.

Once you’ve uploaded your image, be sure to tell your friends to drop by and vote, as we’ll be selecting the best entry among the 3 most voted submissions.

The author of the best submission will have a box filled with Moleskine papery goodness, including a surprise Moleskine Star Wars treat delivered right to their door.

Have fun, and good luck!

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – a Creativity Challenge

You might have heard about the latest Moleskine Limited Edition notebook collection, a colourful tribute to Lewis Carrol’s timeless masterpiece, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

With original John Tenniel illustrations on the covers, a page of Carroll’s original manuscript reproduced on the flyleaves, as well as Playing Cards stickers in the back pocket, this new Limited Edition looks ready to take you through a  colourful journey through Wonderland.

What better way to celebrate the new collection than a special edition of the Creativity Challenge, dedicated to the Wonderlands of the world?

Moleskine Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Limited Edition

What is the most magical place you have ever been to? The most amazing journey you’ve ever been on? To enter the new Creativity Challenge, simply head on to myMoleskine and upload a photograph, sketch, or a painting and tag it with #M_myWonderland. 

If you are on Instagram, you can enter by following @moleskine_world and posting a photo with the tag #M_myWonderland.

If your picture is the best among the three most voted / liked ones, we’ll send you a box full of Moleskine goodies, including a copy of the exclusive clothbound version of the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland notebook.

update: the Creativity Challenge has been closed on April 30th, and the winner was Larissa. Check out every entry on myMoleskine, and feel free to keep creating and sharing your Wonderland-themed artworks.

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An Author a Month – Anna Rastorgueva

A great thank you to everyone who helped us choose our Author of the Month. This one has been a very tight race, as Anna Rastorgueva won by a single vote!

A full-time graphic designer from Moscow, Russia, Anna is a prolific sketcher and a fine observer of simple, natural subjects. Plants, birds, or even food  – Anna draws the way many of us take photographs.

Camelia - by Anna Rastorgueva

Camelia – by Anna Rastorgueva

“I first started sketching in a Moleskine sketchbook after traveling to Cambodia and Thailand. I was amazed at all aspects of life in that part of the world, so I stopped taking photos and started drawing pictures of everything that surrounded me during those days. Pictures retain the essence of impression much better than photos do.”

Anna drew “Camelia”, the winning artwork, as part of her study of botanical illustration, and is currently at work on a project of themed sketches on Moleskine Passion Journals.

“At the moment I am working on 7 theme-based books, and I have already finished about 10 of them, such as the Baby journal, Recipe journal, or the Travel journal”

Gingerbread recipe - by Anna Rastorgueva

Gingerbread recipe – by Anna Rastorgueva

Just like her art, Anna likes to keep her tools simple.

“I’ve tried a lot of techniques and materials, and now I’m very conservative – I use copic multiliners, copic original markers and Moleskine journals”

We asked Anna an advice she would give to a young artist.

“The best advice for an artist, in my opinion, is a quote by Salvador Dali, who said “If you are an artist, you shall draw“. The takeaway here is: just practice, do it everyday – success will find you.

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Sketching the Hong Kong International Film Festival

In previous years, Moleskine has paid a number of tributes to Asian cinema and arts, and this year was no exception. After partnering with the Hong Kong International Film Festival three times in the past, Moleskine joined the event for a fourth time this year.

To get an inside view from the Hong Kong International Film Festival, we’ve reached out to the Urban Sketchers Hong Kong group who sketched their way through the entire event, telling the story of the Festival with a series of beautiful drawings.

Here are a few of our favorites.


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An Author a Month – March

March was a busy month for myMoleskine uploads. Thanks to all of our great fans for visiting and contributing with well over 200 great artworks!

We narrowed down the best contributors to bring you our finalists for March’s Author-A-Month:

Mountains - contributed by Anna Jane Searle

Mountains – contributed by Anna Jane Searle

Mountains – by Anna Jane Searle

Camelia - by Anna Rastorgueva

Camelia – Contributed by Anna Rastorgueva

Camelia – by Anna Rastorgueva

Buenos Aires 18f - Contributed by Josefina Jolly

Buenos Aires 18f – Contributed by Josefina Jolly

Buenos Aires 18f – by Josefina Jolly

Help us choose this month’s winning author, by heading to our voting page and hitting “like” for your favorite artwork. May the best piece win!

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Moleskine X TED 2015 – the best #IdeasNoted responses

Our first stint at TED2015 is a wrap. Needless to say, we had a blast on our first time around at a TED Conference, by a long shot one of the most exciting events of the year.

As you might already know, we joined TED2015 and started a week-long conversation on how ideas are born, developed, and noted.

We decided to extend the invitation to everyone that wasn’t attending the converence with the hashtag #IdeasNoted, and the initiative gained momentum and turned into a collective Twitter conversation, with hundreds of responses throughout the event and beyond.

Here are the best answers we got from the 5 first questions.

In the future, will we think faster or slower?


Are e-mail and texts a new form of literature?


indigopen2 indigopen3

How can commuting be turned into a creative opportunity?


How do you deal with ideas coming to you at an inconvenient time?


How can note-taking be more fun?


Congratulations to Dustin Hite, Indigo Pen, Lynn Reynolds, Scrapunzel and Ewan mcGee for penning our favorite responses, and be on the lookout for more: TED2015 may have come to a close, but the #IdeasNoted conversation is far from over.

Be ready for more questions, and keep on using #IdeasNoted to share your thoughts on how deas are born, developed, and noted.

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