2013 – Half Full or Empty?

We are in the middle of 2013 and wanted to check in with our readers, how has your year gone so far?

We hope everything is going to plan but if not, we are happy to provide a few ideas to help guide you to a more fulfilling finish this year. Below are free templates that you can download from our website and insert into your planner or notebook.

Start Over – There are still 6 months left to change how your year is going. Try our New Years Resolution template.








Change Perspective – Sometimes it’s all about how you look at things. Download a template that changes your view point, go from horizontal to vertical etc.








Keep Track – If lofty goals have prevented you from taking action this year, start smaller. Record some of your favorite things that you already do, in this case books. Have you read anything good this year?








Join In – The Moleskine community creates new templates everyday, such as this template for how to optimize your daily routine.

DAILY ROUTINE - Contributed by Stephanie Hill







What do you want to change or get done by the end of the year? Make a commitment by sharing that in the comments below and let’s check back in 6 months!

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Analog Digital Wedding Planning

@Jamesbedell wrote a tweet that got our attention about how he planned his wedding. We enjoyed what he had to say so much that we asked him to share how he used both analog and digital platforms to plan his wedding. Below are James’s words and images from his special day.

James -
I don’t remember when I first came across a Moleskine notebook. What I do know is that from the time I’ve owned one I haven’t stopped carrying one around with me. In our ever more connected digital world, having the space and privacy of a notebook is essential to me, more now than ever. The notebooks play a major role in helping me think about projects and to remember my life. Perhaps then it’s not a surprise that when it came time to get married Moleskine products played such a big part in not only the planning, but the big day itself.

Planning The Big Day
Planning a wedding is an exercise in coordinating details. When it came time to plan our wedding, my Moleskine notebook was essential. To me there’s nothing better than opening up two blank pages taking out a pencil and sketching out a plan. Below is a first pass at our timeline for wedding weekend.

Midway through our planning I got my hands on an Evernote Smart Notebook and started playing with it. What I love about it is that it’s a private, quiet place, but if I need that information to come to the cloud it was just a snap away. Suddenly it was much easier to grab meeting notes, snap a photo and get them into Evernote. Since Jenn and I were already sharing a wedding notebook, my notes became our notes which made it much easier to share details and ideas.

Here’s one thing I learned – write down EVERYTHING. Meetings go by fast and I for one missed things. The more you capture the more confident you can feel that two weeks after that meeting with the florist you’re still on the same page.








Once these notes became digital it was that much easier to collaborate with vendors – below is a scan of our seating chart notes … sketched out in my Evernote Smart Notebook, scanned to Evernote and emailed to our vendor in just a few minutes.







Telling The People I Love How I Felt
As the wedding got closer I was looking for a way to tell the people I’m closest to how much they meant to me. Nothing is as personal to me as a handwritten letter. I had always been interested in Moleskine’s postal notebooks and I had finally found the perfect use for them.

Sara Wight Photography

Now dear reader I will confess I had planned on writing and mailing all of these notebooks 10 days ahead of the wedding but work life, home life and wedding planning sucked up all that time. So while recovering from a broken wrist (a very long story) I sat and hand wrote 14 postal notebooks. I won’t reveal their contents here, but having something physical, tangible that my family and friends could quietly read was so important to me I had to go through the effort. That effort took more time than I had anticipated so rather than mail these I had them dropped off at the hotel front desk where my family and friends were staying.

Something I learned: Hand written notes take time. Way more time than you think but they are totally worth the hugs you get after the person you give it to reads it.

There’s one last vital role Moleskine played in my wedding- my vows. The very first draft of my vows were handwritten into my Evernote Smart Notebook. I went through some edits and thoughts that way. I still love planning my writing on paper.








Eventually, I typed my notes into Evernote so I could review and change wording as needed. After I massaged the final draft in my digital brain, I needed an analog place to park the final results.

That’s where I looked to Moleskine’s MSK page. This web tool is an easy way to take text, photos and the like and format them for printing.  I always keep a pocket-size Moleskine with me and I knew my wedding day would be no different.  I thought what better way to read my vows than from the pages of my notebook. The MSK app on the website made it easy to format the text into large lettering I could easily read when standing in front of our guests. When the big moment came out my notebook came. Trusty as ever.

Something I learned – notebooks get stuck in the lining of rental tuxedos. Safety pin back the pocket for quick access. I did not do this which created an unintentionally humorous break in the ceremony.

Sara Wight Photography















I think great tools can help build great habits. Moleskine notebooks help me make a habit out of planning and introspection. They were essential to helping me plan my wedding and make it special.

Thanks for sharing James! Share your favorite wedding planning tools or tips that made your wedding special in the comments below and we will send out Evernote Smart Notebooks to 3 favorite comments.

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Photo Book Profile – Jore and Carol

Another week, another incredible trip to share with you in our weekly Photo Book series. This week we bring two best friends from Singapore, Jore and Carol with their La Dolce Vita Moleskine Photo Book.

Jore & Carol – “We aim to always tell a story with our photos, it’s how we can share our experiences with our family and friends. We hope that when people see our photos, they see and feel what we experienced too.”

Photo Book Profile – Jore and Carol

Jore & Carol – “We love to travel, leave our foot prints to as many places we can in the
world. We currently live in Singapore, it’s really easier to move around from
here since it’s an airline hub”

Photo Book Profile – Jore and Carol

Jore & Carol -  “Wanderlust gives glitter in our eyes. When we travel, we don’t like to plan too much, we prefer to experience cities as locals do. We love trying local cheese, food and wine that originated from that country or place.”

Photo Book Profile – Jore and Carol

If you would like to see more adventures from Jore and Carol you can check out their blog: www.thetravelcrowd.com

If you have recently created a Photo Book and want to share it with us, just send an e-mail to: Moleskinerie@moleskine.com

What do you like to do when you travel?

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An Author A Month – June Finalists

Thank you to everyone who shared with myMoleskine last month. We are happy to say that close to 200 fan artworks were uploaded.

We have narrowed down the uploads to 3 finalists for you to vote for your favorite this month. Without further delay:

Creatures – Contributed by Stefano Spano

Creatures - Contributed by Stefano Spano









What’s in my bag? – Contributed by Bobbie Jo D’Eon

What's in my bag? - Contributed by Bobbie Jo D'Eon









My Bird Diary – Contributed by Milagritos Flores

My Bird Diary - Contributed by Milagritos Flores







Join in by voting for your favorite upload this month here.

Share in myMoleskine this month to be considered for next month’s finalists.

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Photo Book Profile – Easten Law

What makes a community unique?
That is a topic that Inspirations by Easten Law explores in our Photo Book profile of the week.

Easten – My wife, Christine, and I made the book based on our travels and work. I am an instructor in intercultural communication studies at American University’s School of International Service in DC and have previously taught in China. Christine is a development worker who has worked with Mercy Corps, Red Cross, and World Vision. Together, we have a lot of extensive travel experience in Asia for both work and leisure. The photos are from these experiences.

Easten – We have a passion for community organizing and development with special attention to cultural dynamics that make communities unique. We believe that good organizing and development requires research, education, and collaboration with the people of the community. Our hope is that the photos reveal this assumption, both in their framing of culture, people, and story.

Explore more images from Easten’s Photo Book – Inspirations here: http://bit.ly/Z59dEd

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Evolution of Note Taking

It’s graduation season and we thought it would be fun to look at different ways we take notes. Writing down everything you hear is a classic technique. But in this analog and digital age, have we found more effective ways to take notes?

In that spirit we invite you to share with us your “note hacking” tips and strategies. By note hacking we mean applying more thought to the note taking process than just trying to capture everything you hear in the moment. If you are a recent graduate, which methods helped you in class? If you have been out of school for a while now, how do you currently take notes?

A few examples of this would be -


Mike Rohde - Sketchnotes






Getting Things Done Templates:

Contributed by Tranessa Larry








Join in by share your note hacking example in myMoleskine using #notehacking by 6/30/2013.

Our favorite submission will receive an Analog / Digital kit that will consist of:


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Moleskine Author A Month May – Lucas Anderson

We are proud to present to you the May Author A Month – Lucas Anderson. As with all previous winners, Lucas was selected by our fans. If you would like to be considered for the next Author A Month profile, simply start sharing your work in myMoleskine and you have the opportunity to be selected as a finalists next month.

 How do you use your notebook?
Lucas - I have always considered my sketchbooks a journal of sorts, the place where I
can sketch ideas, concepts, express emotions, and the like. It’s a
brainstorming session I can carry around with me, keep, and often reference
back to when ye old rut sets it. I look to create the things that I feel but do
not have form, to give image to these emotions and passions around me.

What does creating on a Moleskine notebook mean to
Lucas - I am a sketchbook junkie, I have had just about every sketchbook imaginable
over the years. One of the biggest things about the Moleskine books I enjoy is
the paper in the Folio sketchbooks; the heavier stock, slight off-white color
really works as a neutral tone where I can start my ideas, and is hearty enough
to take repeated erasing and wet media… I tend to be “active” a lot
in my work, so this is a good thing. I don’t think my habits have changed so
much as that I have found a book that can tolerate my styles.

Where is your favorite spot to sketch?
Lucas - I don’t think that location really matters. Sometimes I can be sitting in a
crowded bar and be content to draw, other times I need silence so I retreat
from the world… usually it’s just at my drawing table with a glass of wine.

A parting quote to share with everyone?
Lucas -You may think Vincent Van Gogh was a bum for spending so much time
painting and drinking absinthe in bars when he never had any money; for scrounging
off his brother Theo who would lend Vincent money and/or send Vincent the
paints and canvases that Vincent couldn’t afford. But Van Gogh wasn’t a
slacker. He was the opposite; he was an insanely dedicated artist. If he had
had to go to “work” every day eight hours a day and couldn’t paint all the time
I think he would have lost his mind a lot sooner.” – Juliana Hatfield

Thanks for sharing with us Lucas!

You can download the Sleeve and Bookmark you see above in myMoleskine. For Pinterest fans make sure to follow us! You can also see our Author A Month board showcasing past winners.

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Photo Book Profile – Stephanie Simpson

What inspires you when you travel?

For one food blogger a recent trip to Italy helped expand her focus outside the scope of food. That blogger is Stephanie Simpson and our weekly Photo Book Profile is on her Photo Book – Plates and Planes.

Stephanie is a Photographer and Research Assistant from Alberta, Canada. Her Photo Book is a wonderful combination of beautiful  landscapes and recipes she shared on her blog during her time in Italy.

Enjoy a few select images from her Photo Book and learn what inspired her to create Plates and Planes

Stephanie - I’ve been interested in food for as long as I’ve been interested in photography, and so it only made sense to combine the two. I share my photos on my food blog, where I use them to help make cooking accessible to people who don’t have a lot of experience in the kitchen. I spent a few months of last year in Italy, and the photo book I created using Moleskine+MILK includes a handful of Italian recipes I shared on my site while I was there”.


Stephanie – I think there’s something really exciting about capturing beauty in the ordinary. Spending time in Italy, where everyday life takes place against the backdrop of incredible architecture and landscapes was a great way to start exploring that idea outside the scope of food. It’ll be fun to bring that sensibility to new places! In my research work, I come into contact with some pretty cool ideas about how people think about food and the environment. I hope to draw from those ideas to create photos that will impact the choices people make about what they eat”.


Discover all of the sites and recipes in Stephanie’s Photo Book here.
See what Stephanie is blogging about here: www.foodhappy.ca


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Photo Book Profile – Mark Thee

“My passion is creating environments that evoke an emotional response for my clients; a layer of design that isn’t tangible…the space just feels good.” –  Marc Thee, Interior Designer, Florida.

Mark Thee

Mark is our latest profile in our weekly Photo Book series. Mark’s created his book in a way that makes you feel like you are on a journey into his mind. The mix of inspiration and images are very powerful. To learn more about what went into making this Photo Book, we reached out to Mark:

Mark Thee

What was your inspiration for creating this Photo Book?
Mark – I am always inspired by the beautiful world that we live in, but I find I do my best work when I am in my studio surrounded by a room full of talented and creative individuals. I think we bring out the best in each other, both creatively and personally.

My work schedule has me in a different city every week, so I have learned to embrace the spontaneity. I love to meet new people along my travels, which may just be a shared conversation over a glass of wine, or it may turn to a lifelong friendship. I love meeting people who, like me, are open to either.”

Mark Thee

Thanks for sharing with us Mark! To see all of Mark’s book simply click on any of the images in this post.
If you would like to share your book with us just drop us a note at moleskinerie@moleskine.com.

What do you think of Mark’s Photo Book?

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Special Edition WordPress 10th Anniversary Notebooks

“The mind needs both analog and digital spaces to play and create, and we see those two spaces working harmoniously for a long time to come. We hope people take the blank pages of these WordPress 10th Anniversary Moleskine notebooks and use them to create big and small ideas, to nurture stories and news, and then publish their words to the world via their WordPress sites.”- Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress.

Find out more about this Special Edition Moleskine notebook on our website.

Just like Moleskine objects, WordPress is an open platform for creativity and communication. In that spirit we at Moleskine are proud of the open platform that is Moleskinerie, as a place for all Moleskine fans to come together and share. On this blog you will find a long history of fan sharing their work, advice, hacks and personal stories. The community is what makes Moleskinerie great. Join us and share with myMoleskine or send us an email at moleskinerie@moleskine.com. We look forward to seeing what you will share next.

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