And the winners of #sketchIIDEX are…

IDC and RAIC held #sketchIIDEX, a Twitter-based sketching competition which took place as part of IIDEX Canada, on September 26 and 27 at the Direct Energy Centre.

Student members from both associations were encouraged to walk the show floor and sketch something show stopping on their mobile device, or in one of the Moleskine notebooks located in the IDC and RAIC lounge. All submissions were uploaded to Twitter and judged by a panel of three to determine the best sketches.

And the winners are…
1st prize: Elizabeth Johnston-Howard, Student, Fanshawe College
2nd prize: Marwa Talal, Student, Algonquin College
3rd prize: Katrina Clancy, Student, Ryerson University

Our 1st prize winner will receive airfare and accommodations to NeoCon 2014 and a Moleskine prize pack, the 2nd prize winner will receive an iPad mini and a Moleskine prize pack, and the 3rd prize winner will receive a Moleskine prize pack.

Congratulations to all winners!

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The Books The World Wrote

Is it possible to have a book written by hundreds of authors?
That is the question The Books The World Wrote project is working on now. The project has recently started with four Moleskine notebooks sent out around the world (one currently in the US, two in the UK and the last in Australia). We reached out to the creator, Mark Lawrence, to learn more about this project.

What inspired you to start this project?
Mark - It all started in a creative writing class I attended a few years ago. We were tasked with writing a story each week, so I suggested to everyone that we write one together instead. Each person wrote a bit at a time, then read it to the class. What came out was so unique and fun I wanted to raise the stakes and share the idea with more writers. I’ve always had a love of writing and especially the written word – it’s so personal and says so much about us. Sadly, it’s something that’s lost in today’s digital age.

What are your hopes for the project?
Mark - I hope as the quest continues around the world and that people will feel genuinely inspired by it. Imagine getting a book where 50 or so other writers from all over the world have contributed to it! I hope it inspires all those who came into contact with a book, and those around them.

How can we stayed update on the project?
Mark – I aim to write regular updates on Twitter, so that the story of the Books’ journey stays just as interesting as the Books’ narratives themselves.

Who can take part?
Mark – Unfortunately, the only way to take part is to be handed a book. But I’d say you can follow the progress on twitter and spread the word. Maybe even start one in your own Moleskine book and let us know about it? Maybe start one at your school or college campus?

How do you select the authors?
Mark – The beauty is that I can’t. Each author must decide who to send it to next, they’re in control. This means the books live or die by the generosity and creative energy of each scribe. Without it, it dies. I find it incredibly inspiring that people would invest their time in such a project. If successful, it will be a wonderful example of collaborative creation :)

Thanks for sharing with us Mark!

You can follow the story at:

Or on Twitter:

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Why keep a notebook?

Agata Mleczko is a travel blogger who has been around the world and was kind enough to share with us her 6 reasons for keeping a travel journal.

Agata Mleczko -

Agata Mleczko -

The real journey is a serious matter. If you wish to experience the world through all you senses you need to leave your comfort zone behind and be prepared for the challenges you have never faced before. I have been travelling for years and this is a sort of breathtaking experience and a very difficult process at the same time. The real journey gets to you and it changes you. This is important to keep a good balance between the new and old things, to keep track of the events and make the most of your journey. I find my travels powerful and fulfilling for many reasons, one of which is constant update of the way I see the world. And my way to do it is through writing.

Agata Mleczko -

Agata Mleczko -

To Capture A Moment
Taking pictures is one thing. Remembering your journey is quite another. Although I am taking hundreds of photos and making some short clips it should never substitute the real memories. I agree that some beautiful spots are impossible to describe but the pictures taken have a nasty side effect: when you watch it hundred times they slowly take place of the way you remembered things. I went to the Swedish part of Lapland once and took my Moleskine with me making notes every day, running a sort of travel diary. Despite taking 800 pictures in 10 days the most precious thing was still the content of my notebook. When I read it after three months since I got back from Lapland I was surprised how quick I was forgetting things. Short stories or funny words- it all brings your memories back.

To Keep Track Of The Journey
If you travel once a year it is easy to remember places visited, people met and things seen. When you drive 25,000 km in four months it is much less so. It’s not that I record every second of my travels. Rather, I capture the memorable events so I could get back to them when I needed. Writing things down make it possible to re-enter your experience after years passed. Written word, more than a simple picture, brings you back to a situation described with every detail. Details impossible to capture on a photo but so much more important!

Agata Mleczko -

To Evaluate My Experiences
Having a habit of writing down the events of the day allows you to think about them again. Often, when days are packed with places and people you can’t follow them in a real time. The journey force you to stay attached to a present rather than consider the general issues. Writing things down is a good opportunity to cope with emotions and reflections accumulated during the day. When doing notes it happens to me that I realize I wish to meet someone again or visit the same place twice. The advantage of daily writing is that it is sometimes possible to do it while you’re still there, rather than regretting this after getting back home.

To Get Involved
This might be weird but people keep to start conversation about my writing. It happened few times that other travelers were interested in my making notes and they started to ask questions about it which- obviously- often turned out to be an interesting exchange of our travel experiences. This is also true for keeping in touch after you get back home: having addresses written down in a place where you won’t lost them is crucial. I’m still in touch with a bunch of people met when I travelled here and there. No need to write embarrassing things about losing somebody’s card BEFORE I started using Moleskine.

To Escape
Surprised? Well, there are some difficult moments when you travel, no doubt about it. Even if they don’t happen often it is still important to have your own mode to deal with unpleasant aspects of travelling. If the new place is overwhelming, is shouting at you with vivid colors and unbearable noise you can always turn to writing. It distracts your attention from annoying person or event and helps you to calm down when things get nasty. I’m not saying that writing resolves every travel problem but in my case it helped me too many times to not appreciate it.

Agata Mleczko -

To Write My Own Story
My Moleskine is my own version of my story. And it gives me enormous pleasure to watch somebody reading it. My closest friends enjoy this privilege and I totally love the moment when they read something funny I wrote the day before and suddenly they laugh. And I get rewarded for the effort I made when I travelled and wrote everything down. Because smile is priceless.


About Agatha
More posts written by Agata at:


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Moleskine Author A Month October – Loredana Micu

We are proud to present to you the October Author A Month Loredana Micu. As with all previous winners, Loredana was selected by our fans. If you would like to be considered for the next Author A Month profile, simply start sharing your work in myMoleskine and you have the opportunity to be selected as a finalists next month.

Moleskine Author A Month October – Loredana Micu

Moleskine Author A Month October – Loredana Micu

How do you use your notebook & what made you select the style of notebook that you did?
Loredana – “My all time favorite Moleskine notebook is the watercolour one – both in small and medium size. The main reason is just the high quality of the paper (never ripples, never bleeds through), but also the way it is bound and the fact that it withstands travels, painting outside, bending and everything I tested so far.  For me, the size is perfect as well for travel sketching (easy to hold while drawing on the street) and also the format of it – I’m usually using it in a landscape layout, giving me the opportunity to do panoramic sketches or a set of smaller drawings that work together in a composition.”

When or where do you do your best work or enjoy working the most? Is there a certain place or moment that makes you feel creative in?
Loredana – “I love sketching anywhere, but for a few months now I really got into urban sketching and keeping travel journals – so it’s really best when I can do a sketch outside, on the street or maybe in a coffee place and drawing what I see. Sometimes when I want to do a more detailed sketch that takes more time I have to finish it at the hotel or at home.”

Moleskine Author A Month October – Loredana Micu

Moleskine Author A Month October – Loredana Micu

A parting quote to share with everyone?

Loredana – “Art should be only joy! That’s why “artists” don’t exist, but only people who feel the need to work, with joy! To sing, like birds! ” – Constantin Brâncuşi.

Thanks for sharing with us Loredana!

You can download the Sleeve and Bookmark you see above in myMoleskine. For Pinterest fans make sure to follow us! You can also see our Author A Month board showcasing past

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Word on the Street

An author’s first moments of inspiration scribed on paper have the power to ignite a chain of sentences that lead to a collection of paragraphs that reside on the pages of what could become the next great story of our time.Word on the street

Rarely, we have an opportunity to see and engage with these early compositions.

Recently, Word on the Street Toronto (WOTS), an annual literary festival in Canada, asked us to help them with a creative project to celebrate the 25th year of the festival, and give their audience an opportunity to witness a writer’s first reflective moments on paper. What resulted was Journal Reflections – a project and exhibition that showcased inspiring words and illustrations from some of Canada’s most applauded authors.

The task was simple: give selected writers like Anne Michaels, David Bidini, and Zoe Whittall (amongst others), a Moleskine notebook and let them write or draw their personal reflection on the last 25 and the next 25 years of word in Canada. The finished notebooks were put on display at The University of Toronto’s Hart House, allowing Toronto’s literary fans to have a one on one engagement with these creations. After the festival, the notebooks were then auctioned online to help raise money for the WOTS organization.

See below for images of the completed notebooks.

May these will inspire you to use your notebook as a tool for creating your next great story.

Word on the street
Word on the street
Word on the street
Word on the street

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Photo Book Profile – Annemarie van Essen

Today we are featuring Annemarie van Essen in our Photo Book series.
She is a librarian and mother of two boys, 7 and 9 years old, living in the Netherlands.

Annemarie van Essen - Moleskine Photo Book

Annemarie van Essen - Moleskine Photo Book

If you would like to see more images click here.

“My inspiration comes from a lot of things – from my family, job where I work with libraries and schools ( and I love to read. Books are magic and they bring you in magical worlds. The letters on paper transfer to worlds in your head. I enjoy drawing some of these worlds, my ideas and also to draw the pictures my children tell me to draw. My hammock is a place to unwind and relax from all the hustle of life.

I draw with one of the best iPad apps I know: Paper by fiftythree.(
It is a magical app to draw and create everything you want. I like to share my drawings as well.”

You can see her other work at her drawings blog ( or through her Twitter account @essen2punt0

“I’ve always used Moleskine’s. So to have the same quality for a digital made booklet seemed a great opportunity to showcase some of my inspiration. And it does.”

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An Author A Month – September Finalists

Thank you to everyone who shared with myMoleskine last month.

We have narrowed down the uploads to 3 finalists for you to vote for your favorite this month.

Round and Round Contributed by Bernie Petterson

Round and Round Contributed by Bernie Petterson

Round and Round – Contributed by Bernie Petterson

Istanbul map - Contributed by Loredana Micu

Istanbul map - Contributed by Loredana Micu

Istanbul map - Contributed by Loredana Micu

Collegium Minus and Iuridicum - Contributed by Waan

Collegium Minus and Iuridicum - Contributed by Waan

Collegium Minus and Iuridicum – Contributed by Waan

Join in by voting for your favorite upload this month here.

Share in myMoleskine this month to be considered for next month’s finalists.

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Nick Cardiff: 3 reasons to have a notebook!

Nick Cardiff tells us about the three reasons why he always has a notebook with him: ideas! steal things! document (past&future)!

Check it out and leave in the comments below your reasons to have a notebook.

Thanks Nick to share it with us!

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The Evernote Conference is back and we have one ticket to give away!

Evernote Conference 2013
If you are a Moleskine and Evernote user and you live in California (or want to attend EC2013), follow these simple steps to enter the draw:

1. Create a sketch of anything that takes your fancy in your Evernote Smart Notebook

2. Tweet it using #m_ec13

You have until wednesday 25th September (11.59 pm PST) to submit your idea.

Good luck!

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Moleskine Author A Month September – Robert Alejandro

With the fan vote in, Robert Alejandro has been selected as our current Author A Month!
If you would like to be considered for the next Author A Month profile, simply start sharing your work in myMoleskine and you have the opportunity to be selected as a finalists next month.

How do you use your notebook?
Robert – “I TRAVEL with them – I document my travel through art. Have a look at my site!”

When do you do your best work?
Robert – “When I am SLOW traveling and when I am not rushed”

A parting quote to share with everyone?
Robert – “YOU can do the same! Bring along your notebook, glue, pens with you as you travel!!!!”

Thanks for sharing with us Robert!

You can download the Sleeve and Bookmark you see above in myMoleskine. For Pinterest fans make sure to follow us! You can also see our Author A Month board showcasing past winners.

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