Photo Book Profile – Adel Chan

Our weekly Moleskine + Milk Photo Book Profile series is featuring Adel Chan, a former IT consultant turned Photographer in Hong Kong. We loved the diversity in the images she captured and how she was able to visualize a year in her life with taking a different image every day.

“Photography unlocked my creativity and lets my imagination go wild” - Adel Chan

We reached out to Adel to find out what inspired her to put together this Photo Book.

A Photo-Thought-A-Day - Adel Chan

Adel – Photography is my getaway. Whenever I take pictures, I see the world differently and it always surprises me. My book is all about sharing a thought, a picture a day. It began when I started working away from home in Tokyo, and I started posting photos so my friends knew how I was doing in Japan. After an entire year, with 365 pictures in a row, I was looking for a way to showcase and present them as part of my photography portfolio. Moleskine + MILK really provided a high quality, user friendly and affordable solution for me. I was so touched when I saw my first Moleskine + MILK book arrived, amazing! Please take a look at my 365 Project book and see the world with me

A Photo-Thought-A-Day - Adel Chan

If you are looking for a way to showcase your photography portfolio, Milk’s digital platform is a great tool for making and sharing your own Photo Book: Moleskine Photo Books.

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Photo Book Profile – Mick Guzman

Hidden Star - Mick Guzman

Today we are happy to present our 2nd profile in our weekly Photo Book series, Mick Guzman. If you missed our last profile, make sure to check out Nate Larson’s profile here.

With a passion for both cooking and photography we loved how Mick captured an exciting culinary journey with his Photo Book Hidden Star.

Where are you from?
Mick- While I was born and raised in Illinois, my family hails from New Orleans, LA and food is an important part of our culture and how our family comes together.  I have fond memories of the Southern Creole and Cajun cooking done by my mother and grandmother, so I naturally gravitated towards a career in the food industry. I attended the French Culinary Institute in New York where I completed multiple certifications in Culinary Arts, Restaurant Management, and Fundamentals of Wine.

Mick Guzman - Hidden Star

Where are some of the places you have worked at?
Mick- I’ve been extremely fortunate to have had the honor of working and learning in some of the best kitchens in the United States, and under two of the best and highly regarded chefs in the industry – Thomas Keller at his restaurant Per Se in New York, and Grant Achatz at his restaurant Alinea in Chicago.  I’m blessed to have been a part of the opening for both restaurants at a time when each of them attained their 4-star ratings.  In addition to cooking I have also held restaurant manager positions at a boutique hotel restaurant in New York, as well as a high volume casual restaurant concept in Chicago, and have planned and catered numerous private parties and events.

Mick Guzman - Hidden Star

What keeps you busy these days?
Mick – These days I continue to live out my passion for good food and wine through Hidden Star, an underground “pop-up” restaurant concept in Chicago. The overall aim of Hidden Star is to provide our guests with an unforgettable dining experience…made up of equal parts culinary discovery, good fun, good food, and forging new friendships. For me food is personal, but it’s also communal. It’s one of very few things that everyone on the planet can relate to on some emotional level. I cook from the heart and strive to take my guests on a culinary journey that I hope warms their hearts and souls as much as their bellies. To capture the spirit of my events I put together this Moleskine + Milk Photo Book, a concept I fell in love with being both an avid photographer and a cook (since like most cooks I know, I have a trove of Moleskine notebooks containing recipes and notes). As I continue to delight guests with Hidden Star events I plan to continue to build on my collection of Moleskine + Milk photo books to commemorate them as well. I hope you enjoy looking at my creations as much as I enjoyed making them.

Mick Guzman - Hidden Star

If you liked Mick’s book, you can see what is currently up to at his website:
Which is your favorite photo from Mick’s book?

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Author A Month April – Anneris Kondratas

We are proud to present to you the April Author A Month – Anneries Kondratas. As with all previous winners, Anneris was selected by our fans. If you would like to be considered for the next Author A Month profile, simply start sharing your work in myMoleskine and you have the opportunity to be selected as a finalists next month.

Anneris Kondratas - Sleeve

What are you interested in creating?
AK – I’m always looking into new ways of expressing myself. Moleskine allows me to build my collection of watercolors in a single place and navigate through the different realms by just turning the page. Right now I’m working on a series of drawings about wildlife and animals in general but taking it to the next level by including some elements of fantasy and fiction. I like working on a large watercolor notebook since the paper is excellent to support all the different techniques I use.

What does creating on a Moleskine notebook mean to you?
AK – Moleskine is not only a notebook where I can express my ideas, it also works as my journal. I start every morning, after having a cup of tea, by opening my notebook and taking a quick look into that white canvas. Almost immediately my mind starts wondering and before I know it I’m already sketching something.

Where do you like to escape to when you create?
AK – I have a big white desk where I love to work and where I’m surrounded by pencils, brushes, watercolor tubes, a bright light coming from the window. Also my faithful companion dog, who lays down next to my desk while I’m creating. I always have a notebook in my night stand, just in case of a creative emergency. Besides that some days I just like walking outside, sit on the grass and just get inspired.

A parting quote to share with everyone?
AK – As an artist, my world revolves around images and visual expressions. I’d like to say that my inspiration comes from anything, most of the time it’s particular moment, as Henri Cartier-Bresson said: “Photography is, for me, a spontaneous impulse coming from an ever attentive eye which captures the moment and its eternity.”

Anneris Kondratas - Sleeve

Thanks for sharing with us Anneris!

You can download the Sleeve and Bookmark you see above in myMoleskine. For Pinterest fans make sure to follow us! You can also see our Author A Month board showcasing past winners.

Next Author A Month voting will start later this week.

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Photo Book Profile – Nate Larson

Analog and digital is a never ending continuum to how we live life. We at Moleskine are always looking for new and exciting ways to play along that continuum and as you may have recently seen we partnered with Milk to help further that cause by creating our print on demand Photo Books. We have been amazed at some of the ways people have used this new platform to create some truly stunning Photo Books. That is why today we are announcing the launch of a new series where we will give you access to look inside  incredible collections of images.

Nate Larson - Clouds Moleskine

To kick the series off we have selected Nate Larson. We reached out to Nate to learn about his background and what inspired his Cloud Hunter Photo Book.

I spent my early years in the Rocky Mountains of the Western US and now live in the woodlands of Vermont. I grew up in wide open landscapes that made be believe anything was possible and I think that sense of space and place still finds its way into how I see the world today.  I graduated from the University of Chicago (where I met Moleskine) with a degree in Cultural Anthropology and spent the next few years living in urban areas like Chicago and New York City.  Over time, my work expanded to include portraits, abstracts, and conceptual projects. However, my first passion remains finding inspiration and interesting ways to represent both the expansive and more intimate views of the natural world.

Nate Larson - Clouds Moleskine

What Inspired you to make this Photo Book?
I had been searching for a unique way to present the Cloud Hunter series for months and when I learned about the partnership between Moleskine and MILK, I knew I had found a home.  The ability to utilize the printing technology and clean presentations designed by MILK paired with the quality of a Moleskine book made Cloud Hunter feel like a journal that inspired exploration.  I even add a special print to the back pocket of the book for people to discover and enjoy. I have even heard from some of the owners of this limited edition work that they have started adding their own cloud photos to the pocket in the book.  I could not think of a better extension of this creative project than encouraging exploration.

If you enjoyed Nate’s book and would like to see what he is currently up to, please check out his website:

You can create a Photo Book of your own simply by going here:

We would love to see what you come up with. If you are interested in having your Photo Book featured in our new weekly series, please emails us at

Next week we will be profiling a book that captures the celebration of food… stay tuned!

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Web Finds – Paper Camera

Did you know that you can make a working camera with just film and paper?
Here is a link we came across showing how to do just that: Dirkon

There are many ways to be creative with making objects out of paper, something we celebrate on our website. You can find the paper toy below plus more in our MSK section of our website.


What is the most creative object you have made with paper?

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Moleskine Detour Q&A

“A “Detour” is a different path drifting from the common, linear way. It is a free exploration that offers the possibility of getting lost in order to discover unexpected places. It’s like untangling the threads of imagination.”
- Maria Sebregondi, Founder and Director of Brand Equity for Moleskine

We are very excited to share our upcoming partnership with, featuring a series of interviews with a leading designer, artist, or creative thinker from the Detour Book. For more information on the Detour project, please visit here.

The first interview is with Maria Sebregondi, one of the founders of Moleskine and Director of Brand Equity. Discover what inspires her and check out some images from the Detour book.

What is your most memorable detour?

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Web Finds – Ryan Graves

What’s in your bag?
A topic we are always interested in exploring, looking into the objects that help shape one’s mobile identity.

The Wall Street Journal has a nice profile on Ryan Graves from Uber, taking a look at the objects he keeps close.

What do you think of his mix of objects? Does yours look similar?

Winni Wintemeyer for The Wall Street Journal

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Fan Hack – Moleskine Case

We are always happy to support fan hacks and the creativity that goes into transforming an open platform that is a notebook into something new. If you have ever wondered what goes into making a great hack, the video below is a great guide to learn from.

We reached out to Ngai Chun Cheung, who made the video, for background on why he made this hack.

Cheung - I got in particular this pocket sized Moleskine notebook in plain years ago, but just made a couple of sketches and put it away. It was sitting in the shelf and waiting to be rediscovered. The sturdy hard cover invited itself to be a part of a decent DIY case. I made the video because “a picture is worth a thousand words”, I then recorded the transformation of a dusty notebook to a versatile modern case without losing its classic Moleskine design and then shared the result on YouTube.

To see more fan created hacks, please visit the Hacks section of myMoleskine.

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Web Finds – Modern Creativity

A nice feature in the New Yorker by Sasha Frere-Jones on Thom Yorke’s search for the perfect beat.

Yorke fits perfectly within an analog to digital continuum blending the use of laptops and notebooks within his current creative process. Read more about his process and journal at the link below:
Atomic Clock

Featured in New Yorker / Photograph by Pari Dukovic

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Draw the Future of Social Media – Results

Thank you to everyone who checked out and participated in our recent “Draw the Future of Social Media” contest with Details.

We are happy to share with you the winner:

Petsingui Mendez



Marconi Calindas

Their work will be featured at Details Digital Mavericks event at the New Museum in New York City on March 27th, as well as on

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