Follow “The Endless Story” at Melbourne Writers Festival 2014

“The Endless Story” is a collaborative novel, written by on Twitter by an endless ensemble of authors. It was initiated by this tweet by Australian writer Nick Earns, and you can write your own chapter on Twitter using the hashtag #EndlessStory14. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are the best chapters of the Endless Story so far.

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“Endless Story”, a Novel Written by Infinite Authors

Imagine a story written by an infinite number of writers. An endless ensemble of literary minds, inviting endless possibilities.

For this year’s Melbourne Writers Festival, we are inviting you to participate in the “Endless Story” project, a collective novel written on Twitter by writers from all over the world, around the hashtag #EndlessStory14. The beginning of the story was tweeted by MWF 2014 artist Nick Earls, and the rest is up to you.

“It’s down at the lake”, she said. But he knew what was in that water, and he was determined to never go back #EndlessStory14

-Nick Earls

Between Friday 22 and Sunday 31 August, Melbourne Writers Festival will track every tweet with the #EndlessStory14 hashtag, and will retweet the best one every day. The most creative, original contribution to the Endless Story will be awarded with these custom Melbourne Writers Festival Moleskine notebooks – so you might want to give it a try!

Melbourne Writers Festival 2014 Custom Notebooks

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July Author A Month – Judith Alsop Miles

Thanks to everybody who voted for our July Author A Month! It’s been a close call, decided by a measly 2 votes. and we are honored to announce that our latest Author A Month is Judith Alsop Miles from Saddleworth, England.

We caught up with Judith for a couple questions about her work, life and her love for Moleskine.

I am a translator by profession, but have always drawn and painted in my spare time. In 2011, while I was living in France, I discovered Urban Sketchers. I got a sketchbook and started drawing regularly, filling my sketchbooks with scenes of southern France.

Rug Airing at La Mouline

After leaving France, even the subjects of her art broadened.

Now that I am back home in Saddleworth, I have the opportunity to capture a mixture of urban and rural subjects, with the industrial heritage of the northwest on one side and the villages and open expanses of the Yorkshire Moors on the other.

White Washing - Judith Alsop Miles

We asked Judith about her art tools, and found out she is a Moleskine fan.

After I had been sketching for about a year, I bought a Moleskine A5 watercolour sketchbook because I knew that many Urban Sketchers were very happy with it. I instantly loved the grain and weight of the watercolour paper. Now it is my sketchbook of choice for rural landscapes in particular.

I most often use ink and watercolour in my sketchbooks. I use a fineliner pen with permanent ink and a small palette box of 12 artist’s grade watercolours.

Castleton, Peak District - by Judith Alsop Miles

We then wondered about the story behind “Castleton, Peak District”, her winning artwork.

On a visit to the picturesque Derbyshire village of Castleton in July, I was struck by the view from the village green, along the narrow street crossed by deep shadows with the green hills of the Peak District in the background.

Judith left us with an inspiring quote: “Creativity is not a marathon event that we must gird ourselves for, whacking off great swaths of life as we know it to make room for it. Creativity is not aberrant, not dramatic, not dangerous. If anything, it is the pent-up energy of not using our creativity that feels that way.” Julia Cameron

You can check out more of Judith’s amazing work on her website as well as her Facebook and Flickr accounts.

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Moleskine Author A Month – July Finalists

It’s time to pick our July Author A Month! We selected three finalists among heaps of amazing contributors on myMoleskine, and just like every month you get to pick your favorite.

Castleton, Peak District - contributed by Judith Alsop Miles

Castleton, Peak District – contributed by Judith Alsop Miles


Breeze – Contributed by Arely Perusquia

Cranes - contributed by Mariasun Salgado

Cranes – contributed by Mariasun Salgado

You can choose your favorite artwork on our voting page, and the winner will be featured on Moleskinerie with a dedicated sleeve and bookmark.

If you want to be considered for next month’s edition, simply head on to myMoleskine and share your Moleskine artworks.

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Moleskine London City Stories – Meet the Urban Sketchers

On September 6th, the Covent Garden neighborhood in London will turn into a sketcher’s paradise.

The Covent Garden Moleskine Store and London Graphic Centre will open their doors to artists and art fans alike, in a day-long celebration of urban sketching. Visitors will have the chance to sketch one of London’s most charming neighborhoods and exhibit their work in-store, guided by 4 accomplished artists from the global collective Urban Sketchers – James Hobbs, Adebanji Alade, Olha Pryymak and Andrea Joseph.


James Hobbs is a founding member of London Urban Sketchers, and a seasoned artist with over 30 years of sketching under his belt. His book Sketch Your World recently hit the stores, and his work was presented at events such as the Jerwood Drawing Prize exhibition. James’ learning sessions will teach different ways to approach urban sketching, and he will guide participants as they undertake their own drawings in and around Covent Garden. You can book a free learning session with James on Eventbrite, at 11.30 or 4pm.

 Adebanji Alade - Moleskine City Stories London

Adebanji Alade is an award-winning artist, teacher and photographer working in Chelsea, London. He will introduce some of his favorite sketching techniques and tools, as well as help participants get comfortable with sketching in public. His two learning sessions will be held in the Covent Garden Moleskine Store, and you can book yours on Eventbrite, at 11.30am or 4pm.

Olha Pryymak - Moleskine City Stories London

Olha Pryymak is a decorated artist whose work was exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize and the Royal Academy as well as galleries in Italy, Ukraine and England. You can book your free learning session with Olha at the Covent Garden Moleskine Store on Eventbrite.

Andrea Joseph - Moleskine City Stories London

Andrea Joseph is a Welsh illustrator living and working in the Peak District. Her learning session will be both motivational and technical, as she will be talking about overcoming fears of drawing in public, with the use of some techniques including blind contour.  You can book your free learning session with Andrea at London Graphic Centre on Eventbrite.

You can learn more about the Urban Sketchers collective on the official website.

Moleskine City Stories London is the second chapter of the Moleskine City Stories series, which began in New York, on May 17th.





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“I am Here!” – a Creativity Challenge

Of the great book that is the world, one must read as many pages as she can.

We firmly believe that travelling can make you richer. This is why we decided to celebrate the launch of the new Moleskine Voyageur – the travellers’ notebook – with a special edition of the Moleskine Creativity Challenge titled “I am Here”.

The final prize is a Moleskine travel supply, guaranteed to make your next journey a memorable one.

All it takes to enter is:

  • a camera, or any mobile phone that takes photos
  • the “I am Here” Voyageur sign (available here in the “Voyageur” section, or on the back of the paperband of the Voyageur notebook) 
  • one good destination. Or more. 

To enter the Creativity Challenge, take the “I am Here” sign with you on the road while you travel, and use it to show us where you’ve been. Just like this:

Once you’ve taken your photo, post it here with the tag #M_iamhere, and you’re good to go! You obviously can upload as many destinations as you want, and if you’re unsure how to do it, simply watch the Voyageur video for inspiration.

Good luck, and bon Voyage!


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“Draw Really Boring Things” introducing Moleskine Author A Month June – Sue Harding

It is not often that a myMoleskine contributor gets the nod as Moleskine Author A Month after less than a month worth of submissions, but London-based urban sketcher Sue Harding achieved such feat with ease, winning the award with a wide margin.

We reached out to Sue to learn a little more about her life and art. What we found was an unusual story, and some very inspiring sketching tips.

“I am 72, and graduated as a very mature student, in 1995. After that I ran a local charity, and only discovered sketching 3 years ago. After that, I joined Urban Sketchers, Drawing London on Location and Cafe Sketchers, and also began doing a lot of sketching on my own. 

Sue, who sketches on Moleskine watercolor, still remembers her first experience with Moleskine:

“My sister, who is a painter, introduced me to Moleskine. Since then, all I use for sketching is a 2b pencil, a carbon pen, double-ended markers and a Moleskine Watercolor album. The current one came from the Urban Sketchers symposium in Barcelona last year”.

It is never too late to pick up art and Sue’s work is proof. When we asked her advice to young artists, the answer was nothing short of amazing.

“Keep trying. Don’t worry about inspiration. Get out of your comfort zone, draw really boring things. Draw really challenging things. If you think your drawings are no good, it doesn’t matter – they can only get better!”

To honor Sue Harding’s work, we created a custom sleeve and bookmark template from her sketch “Market and Royal Arsenal Gateway” free to download from the “Workshops” section.

If you’d like to be considered as our next Moleskine Author A Month, simply upload your work to myMoleskine. Good luck, and have fun!




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Moleskine Author A Month – June Finalists

It’s time to pick our Moleskine Author A Month! Choosing the three finalists has been a tough task this time around, given the great deal of amazing artworks we received from all over the world.

So, thank you to everybody who took the time to share their Moleskine art – to be considered for next month’s edition, simply head on over to myMoleskine and upload your creations.

And now, with no further ado… On to the finalists:

France – Contributed by Misha Konaichev

France, by Misha Konaichev

Chatman – Contributed by Joseph Tomlinson

Chatman, by Joseph Tomlinson

Market and Royal Arsenal Gateway – Contributed by Sue Harding

Market and Royal Arsenal Gateway, by Sue Harding

Which one is your favorite? Vote Here.

Were these your favorite authors? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!


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What goes on in a writer’s mind?

It’s well known that for many writers a Moleskine notebook is an essential tool for capturing ideas and thoughts, which may go on to become novels, articles and important texts. Most readers don’t get to see this part of the writing process; often only privy to the published ending. But as this first stage of creativity is the most important, we unearthed a few notebooks from our Detour archive to share with you. Read the descriptions below and watch the videos to see just how precious handwritten words can be.
For more information on what Detour is, click here.

Han Han
Chinese writer and blogger Han Han might have had several works censored by Chinese authorities, but his unique way of thinking has made him one of the most-read writers in modern China. And as a rally champion, it’s obviously not just his mind that’s racing. His Moleskine notebook is full of detailed notes, joined together by arrows and lines, showing just how intricate his thought process is.

MC Yan
Sometimes writing travels off the page and turns into music. Urban poet MC Yan counts both modern hip hop beats and traditional Chinese poetry amongst his influences. His Moleskine notebook has always been his on-the-go “thinking tool”, faithfully storing the ideas that come to him when he’s walking the streets. Having experienced life in both China and the west, Syan writes both horizontally from left to right, or vertically from right to left, when writing in Chinese characters.

For his contribution to Detour, MC Yan explores the interaction between the notebook and its filmed form, playing with the way a thought is written and could be read, and the order and disorder its pages convey.

Javier Marías Franco
Spanish writer and translator Javier Marías Franco filled a Japanese Album with notes and texts which, when fully opened out, gives the effect of a long scroll punctuated with word after word of prose.

Dave Eggers
It would be wrong to label Pulitzer prize finalist Dave Eggers just as a writer; he is also a philanthropist, lecturer and publisher and has been branded an “education activist” by TED. His notebook is filled with line drawings accompanied by short captions; snippets of thoughts and little observations jotted down day by day.

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Moleskine Author A Month – May Finalists

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their art with us! Just like every month, we selected the most prolific contributors to bring you the 3 Author A Month finalists. If you wish to be considered for next month’s edition, do not hesitate to share your creations on the myMoleskine website.

And with that, on to the finalists:

Of Fish and Rabbits - contributed by Elissa Baltzer

Of Fish and Rabbits – Contributed by Elissa Baltzer

Sea - contributed by Luca Vogrig

Sea – Contributed by Luca Vogrig

Blonde Girl - contributed by Kasia Slupecka

Blonde Girl – Contributed by Kasia Slupecka

Which submission gets your nod? Cast your vote here.

Were these three your favorite authors? Let us know in the comments section!

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